Episode 224 – The Matt Mitchell Interview

The Infamous Podcast
Episode 224 - The Matt Mitchell Interview

A Talk With Matt Mitchell Artist Matt Mitchell is in-studio his week to talk with Brian about what it is like being an independent artist, creating a graphic novel, losing that graphic novel due to corrupted hard drives, being helped to an ambulance by the 501st at a Star Wars Celebration and more! Find Matt Online Website: Rebel Studio Instagram: @the_mattastic @rebelstudioart Infamous Shirts for Naked Bodies… You’ll feel “shirty” when you buy our gear from the Flying Pork Apparel Co. New Comics This Week – Sponsored by comiXology Brian BATMAN #89 COBRA KAI KARATE KID SAGA CONTINUES #3 FANTASTIC FOUR #19 GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY #2 LEGION OF SUPER HEROES #4 NEW MUTANTS #7 NIGHTWING #69 Contact Us The Infamous Podcast can be found wherever podcasts are found on the Interwebs, feel free to subscribe and follow along on social media. And don’t be shy about helping out the show with a 5-star review on Apple Podcasts to help us move up in the ratings. @infamouspodcast facebook/infamouspodcast instagram/infamouspodcast stitcher Apple Podcasts Spotify Google Play contact@infamouspodcast.com Our theme music is ‘Skate Beat’ provided by Michael Henry, with additional music provided by Michael Henry. Find more at MeetMichaelHenry.com. The Infamous Podcast … Continue reading Episode 224 – The Matt Mitchell Interview