Episode 31 – Playing in the Toy Box

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Episode 31 - Playing in the Toy Box

It’s Christmas in February! On this week’s show Johnny and Brian talk about (surprise, surprise!?!) The Walking Dead’s Midseason premiere, the Conclusion to the Flash on Earth-2 story arch, and then they dig deep into Toy Fair 2016 and talk about some of their favorite toy lines and releases from the 2016 show. The Walking Dead Returns The Walking Dead’s Season 6 Midseason premiere ‘No Way Out’ may very well have been the best episode of the series today. One of the main reasons for this bold statement… they took the major beats from the comic and then put a unique twist on the events as they unfolded, keeping long time readers engaged and still surprised. The Flash – ‘Escape From Earth-2′ This week we got the conclusion to the latest Flash 2 part story, and while some questions were answers, we are left with a ton more. There was some cryptic movement in the Jay Garrick storyline, we saw Caitlin Snow invent Velocity-9, and Barry-2 giving Barry-Prime a pep talk was in a word, inspiring. Toy Fair 2016 The annual mecca for all toy fans, collectors and retailers we this past weekend and of course Johnny and Brian have … Continue reading Episode 31 – Playing in the Toy Box