Metalshark Bob – Episode 156

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Metalshark Bob - Episode 156

Shark Meets Demon, Shark Becomes Shark Man This week on the show Johnny and Brian are joined in studio by Bob Frantz (Monty the Dinosaur) to talk about his latest Kickstarter, Metalshark Bro! Back it today and support indie comics! Metalshark Bro Metalshark Bro is a 100+ page paperback comic. At least 88 pages of story and a slew of pinups from some of the most metal talent in the comic bizness. There will be cursing, violence…oh sweet, bloody violence, but there will be no nudity or sex, maybe innuendo. Like Deadpool, if he was eaten by a shark and it was all scored by shredding guitars. Back Metal Shark Bro Today! Back the Kickstarter HERE! Find Bob Online Instagram Twitter New Comics This Week – Sponsored by comiXology When you check out make sure to use the code ‘Infamous‘ to get $5 off when you spend $15! Johnny AVENGERS #5 GIDEON FALLS #5 STAR TREK TNG TERRA INCOGNITA #1 STAR WARS #51 STAR WARS DARTH VADER ANNUAL #2 STAR WARS POE DAMERON #29 $ STELLAR #2 TRUE BELIEVERS FANTASTIC FOUR BY JOHN BYRNE #1 TRUE BELIEVERS FANTASTIC FOUR BY WALTER SIMONSON #1 TRUE BELIEVERS FANTASTIC FOUR COMING OF HERBIE … Continue reading Metalshark Bob – Episode 156