Star Trek: Enterprise / Cincinnati Comic Expo Recap – Episode 63

To Boldly Go Back to the Beginning This week Johnny and Brian are closing out Star Trek series month, as the look back at how it got started with Star Trek Enterprise. They are also joined by the KidBot07 to talk about the 2016 Cincinnati Comic Expo, including interviews with artists Todd Nauck and Joe […]

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Bonus Episode – Star Trek IV the Voyage Home Review

The Song of the Whale In this special bonus episode Johnny and Brian continue counting down the Star Trek movies from last to first in celebration of the Star Trek 50th anniversary. So join them in this slingshot around the sun to save the planet with the help of a couple of whales. Summary Star […]

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Star Trek: Voyager – Episode 62

Thrown Across the Cosmos This week Johnny and Brian welcome back the #CertifiedInfamous Reading list with the DC Comics Elseworlds masterpiece Kingdom Come, from Mark Waid and Alex Ross. Then they get down to Oregon Trail version Star Trek, with Star Trek: Voyager! #CertifiedInfamous Reading List Kingdom Come (1996) DC Comics Kingdom Come is a […]

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Star Trek: Deep Space Nine – Episode 61

To Boldly Stay Put Outside a Wormhole This week Johnny and Brian forgo the dangers of star travel and settle in on Deep Space Nine. Star Trek: Deep Space Nine was the first Star Trek not to follow the day-to-day adventures of an Enterprise, and was filled with political intrigue and conspiracy. News Bites Big […]

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Episode 60 Star Trek the Next Generation Feature

Star Trek The Next Generation – Episode 60

To Boldly Go on for Seven Seasons This week Johnny and Brian jump 400 years into the future to follow the crew of the USS Enterprise 1701-D, a galaxy class starship and breakdown Star Trek The Next Generation as they continue celebrating the 50th anniversary of Star Trek. They also introduce a new segment on […]

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