What’s Your Favorite Scary Movie?!? – Episode 66

Who’s Afraid of a Scary Movie? This week Johnny and Brian get personal. They are sharing the scary movies that have stuck with them through the years. First they will talk all about the awesomeness that is the Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 trailer. Plus they take a first look at Logan… and what […]

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Soul Vampire – Episode 65

Happiness Isn’t All It’s Cracked Up To Be This week we are talking about Angel… THE SERIES! Angel was a spin-off of Buffy and followed the world’s saddest puppy vampire Angel around Los Angeles as he “fights the good fight”. We also look at the last new trailer for Rogue One, due in theaters December […]

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One Girl to Slay Them All – Episode 64

Mr. Pointy Slayer of the Vampire Oooohhhh it is October a month filled with ghouls and goblins! To kick off the month Johnny and Brian are taking a trip to the Hellmouth, no not Cleveland, but the bright and sunny and seemingly never-ending town of Sunnydale. That’s right, the guys are talking Buffy the Vampire […]

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Star Trek: Enterprise / Cincinnati Comic Expo Recap – Episode 63

To Boldly Go Back to the Beginning This week Johnny and Brian are closing out Star Trek series month, as the look back at how it got started with Star Trek Enterprise. They are also joined by the KidBot07 to talk about the 2016 Cincinnati Comic Expo, including interviews with artists Todd Nauck and Joe […]

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Bonus Episode – Star Trek IV the Voyage Home Review

The Song of the Whale In this special bonus episode Johnny and Brian continue counting down the Star Trek movies from last to first in celebration of the Star Trek 50th anniversary. So join them in this slingshot around the sun to save the planet with the help of a couple of whales. Summary Star […]

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