Bonus Episode Star Trek 5 Review Feature

Bonus Episode – Star Trek V the Final Frontier

To Boldly Stink Up the Joint… Well, the day has arrived. The day Johnny and Brian have been dreading. It is time to watch and review Star Trek V: the Final Frontier. Does this movie hold up? No. Does it get better with age? No. So why should you watch? You shouldn’t just listen to […]

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Episode 58 Green Lantern Corps Feature

The Green Lantern Corps – Episode 58

In Brightest Day… On this week’s episode Johnny and Brian are looking at the greatness that is the Green Lantern Corps! They are talking about who and what the Corps is, some of their favorite non-human Green Lanterns, and why they like this particular series so much. They also share their thoughts on The Tick […]

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Star Trek VI Review Feature

Bonus Episode – Star Trek VI The Undiscovered Country Review

This Would Sound So Much Better in the Original Klingon Johnny and Brian continue the “monthly” reviews of all the Star Trek movies, this time out they are talking about Star Trek VI The Undiscovered Country. This Trek outing seems to be part of the trend with the Nicholas Meyer directed movies, it is definitely […]

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Episode 57 Avatar the Last Airbender Feature

Avatar the Last Airbender – Episode 57

The Avatar State This week on the show Johnny and Brian are talking about one of their all-time favorite animated series, Avatar the Last Airbender. The guys will breakdown some of their favorite episodes, discuss where AtLA stands in geek history. And completely ignore the abomination that was M. Night Shyamalan’s 2010 attempt ‘The Last […]

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Episode 56 Enter The Matrix Feature

Enter The Matrix – Episode 56

You Have to See it For Yourself This week Johnny and Brian are looking back at the 1999 Sci-fi classic The Matrix (the two that follow not so much)! The guys are talking about how groundbreaking this film really was and break it (and the rest of the franchise) down. News Bites Grey Damon has been […]

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