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About The Infamous Podcast

The Infamous Podcast is essentially a show about comic books, and how comics how movies, tv shows and more tell better stories. The show is hosted by Johnny Pottorf and Brian Tudor, a couple of Lego loving life-long comic book fans. New episodes air every Friday, with the occasional Tuesday bonus episode, you can find the Infamous Podcast on your favorite podcatching app, so tune in and reach out!

Brian Tudor

Brian is a comic book geek and Apple fanboy, who is more than a little obsessed with Dick Grayson and Cyclops. Also, he loves Dune, Farscape and Star Wars more than anyone really should. In 2009 he created the blog Going Geek News. Since starting GGN he has written for sites like and where he has covered topics like comics, movies, television, video games, action figures and more. Co-creating the Infamous Podcast is a natural progression for him to share his thoughts and opinions about comic books and the geekery he loves with the Internet.

Brian studied Journalism in college and has a Masters of Science in Internet Marketing, both of which he enjoys putting to good use building the Infamous Podcast’s digital empire.

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Johnny Pottorf

Born a geek and raised by open-minded parents, Johnny’s imagination was encouraged to run wild. The genesis of his imagination began with the first movie he ever saw in a theater, Star Wars. It has been all downhill from there. He is mainly into movies, books, and toys,  but he has a long-standing love of sci-fi and action. While he did not get into comics until his senior year of high school for the better part of the past two decades he has spent many Saturdays working at Queen City Comics and Card in Cincinnati, OH.

Johnny has met hundreds of celebrities which led to a massive collection of photos, autographs, and some great geek out moments. He is the resident encyclopedia of geek knowledge for the podcast, because of his crazy recall of even the most obscure nerd-facts.

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