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About The Infamous Podcast

The Infamous Podcast is a show about comic books, movies, tv shows, and all the other things work nerding out over. The show is hosted by Brian Tudor, a life-long tv, movie, comic book fan who never gets tired of talking about his favorite passions. New episodes air every Sunday, with the occasional weekly bonus episode, you can find the Infamous Podcast on your favorite podcatching app, so tune in and reach out!

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Brian Tudor

Brian is a comic book geek and Apple fanboy, who is more than a little obsessed with Dick Grayson and Cyclops. Also, he loves Dune, Farscape, and Star Wars more than anyone really should. In 2009 he created the blog Going Geek News. Since starting GGN he has written for sites like and where he has covered topics like comics, movies, television, video games, action figures, and more. Creating the Infamous Podcast is a natural progression for him to share his thoughts and opinions about comic books and the geekery he loves with the rest of the Internet.

Brian has a B.A. in Journalism with a Minor in Film Studies from Miami University and a Masters of Science in Internet Marketing from Full Sail University, both of which he enjoys putting to good use building the Infamous Podcast’s digital empire.

Email Brian at


Darryl Jasper

Darryl refused to give Brian a bio and a good picture. So Brian went on his Facebook page and found this awesome Gansta Mario. Maybe now Darryl will update his bio?


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