When Bad Comic Book Movies Go Fantastically Wrong – Episode 4

In this episode of the Infamous Podcast, The Brians are joined by young Devin Williams and they take turns sharing the horror story that is the Fantastic Four from Fox and Director Josh Trank. Our intrepid heroes also share their picks for the Top Movies for 2015.

Fantastic Rogue Nation – Episode 3

In this super-sized episode our intrepid heroes and their special guest talk about Rogue Nation, Strange Fruit and the upcoming Fantastic Four train wreck.

Robin’s Home to Roost – Episode 2

Robin’s Home To Roost In the second episode of the Infamous Podcast, the Brians start the discussion, arguing about the merits of Robin, give an overview of the characters history, and ponder his place in comic book culture history. The Brians also talk about favorite comic book writer Grant Morrison, and his place in comic book-dom. […]

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The Infamous Podcast – Pilot Episode

Welcome to the Pilot episode of the Infamous Podcast from GoingGeekNews.com. The InfamousPodcast is Brian Williams and Brian Tudor, this is a show about pop culture and all things geeky and how the world of comic books relate to the overall footprint of the pop culture world.