Exclusive Ohio Toy and Comic Show Best of Episode

The Best of the Best of the Best… of the Best Ok, so Brian was sick this week and we were planning on talking current events to record live. Soooo since Brian doesn’t have a voice and Johnny is going to Disney World soon and doesn’t need to get sick, we proudly present the Exclusive […]

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Cold Hearted Vol. One – Episode 78

Ain’t These Guys (and Girls) Stinkers? This week on the show Johnny and Brian are talking about bad guys. Specifically, the bad guys they love! The guys also talk about the DC Comic TV Universe pick ups, Marvel’s Defenders and news from the Green Lantern Corps. movie! Don’t forget to check out our Patreon and […]

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Avatar the Last Airbender – Episode 57

The Avatar State This week on the show Johnny and Brian are talking about one of their all-time favorite animated series, Avatar the Last Airbender. The guys will breakdown some of their favorite episodes, discuss where AtLA stands in geek history. And completely ignore the abomination that was M. Night Shyamalan’s 2010 attempt ‘The Last […]

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Follow the Source Material Dammit – Episode 17

On this episode Johnny and Brian share their disdain for when major studios ignore the source material of their favorite comics and tv shows. They also love the casting of Jeffrey Dean Morgan as Negan, and episode 6 of the Flash… Enter Zoom!