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#CertifiedInfamous Best of 2017: Comic Books – Episode 124

Funny Books Are The Best This week on the show Johnny and Brian kick off the annual #CertifiedInfamous lists for the Best Comic Books of 2017. They also finally get around to reviewing the...

Cover Up 3: Static vs. Vader – Episode 87

The Force vs. The Big Bang In the third edition of Cover Up, Johnny and Brian continue to share some of their favorite comic book covers. This time out they selected characters from a...

Cover Up II – Episode 76

5 Covers… Again It is the last week of 2016 and Johnny and Brian couldn’t help but look back at comics one last time! They are happy to bring you the second edition of...

Legends of Youth and Rebels – Episode 34

Save Our Heroes! On this week’s exciting episode of the Infamous Podcast Johnny and Brian are joined once again by David Griffin, and they are talking Young Justice’s possible Netflix revival, Star Wars Rebels...

Certified Infamous the Best of 2015 – Episode 23

The end of 2015 is here! This week Johnny and Brian share their Best of 2015 from the worlds of Movies, TV Shows and Comic Books this year! Happy Holidays and Happy New Year!

Bonus Episode – Star Wars The Force Awakens Review

Beware of Spoilers... Johnny and Brian review Star Wars The Force Awakens in this special Tuesday Bonus Episode! This is a spoiler filled review so if you haven't seen the movie make sure come...

Rebel Yell – Episode 22

On this week’s exciting installment of the Infamous Podcast Johnny and Brian take a look at Star Wars Rebels, currently airing on Disney XD, and discuss where it sits in the new Star Wars...

Alias… Jessica Jones – Episode 18

This week Johnny and Brian talk Vader Down, Jessica Jones, The Flash, Agent Carter, the Walking Dead and more!

Fantastic Rogue Nation – Episode 3

In this super-sized episode our intrepid heroes and their special guest talk about Rogue Nation, Strange Fruit and the upcoming Fantastic Four train wreck.