Action Monster Movies: Cover Up – Episode 102

Action Comic Monsters! This week on the show Johnny and Brian cap off the Action Movie Monster series with a good old fashioned Cover Up! They each picked two of their favorite comic covers from each Action Movie Monster! All this plus, X-Man: Dark Phoenix is looking for a Dazzler, Han Solo isn’t making the […]

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Action Monster Movies: Robocop – Episode 101

Dead or Alive, You’re Listening to Us! This is the last installment in the Action Monster Movie series and Johnny and Brian close out with a bang with Robocop! They take a look at the 1987 classic and breakdown the franchise. They also talk about the Han Solo director trouble, Game of Thrones’ second trailer, […]

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Rebelling Against Outrage – Episode 53

Happy Birthday Infamous Podcast! This week Johnny and Brian FINALLY celebrate the 1 year anniversary of the Infamous Podcast! How do they celebrate this milestone? By talking Star Wars Celebration News, Frank Cho vs. Greg Rucka and looking back at season 1 of the Netflix suspense series Stranger Things! New Bites Game of Thrones Season […]

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A Pair of Captains and Free Comic Escapades – Episode 43

You Can Make the Kessel Run Much Faster In a Mini-Lion Robot This week Johnny and Brian are talking about their adventures in Free Comic Book Day, Cap’s Box Office success, an all-new Defender of the Universe and Han Solo! Free Comic Book Day Round Up Johnny and Brian spent their FCBD helping out at […]

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Bonus Episode – Star Wars The Force Awakens Review

Beware of Spoilers… Johnny and Brian review Star Wars The Force Awakens in this special Tuesday Bonus Episode! This is a spoiler filled review so if you haven’t seen the movie make sure come back and listen later.