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mark waid

Episode 173 – Comics Worth Reading (Vol. 1)

There Are Good Comics and Bad Comics… These are comics worth reading This week on the podcast Johnny and Brian each pick one of their favorite series they think everyone should read, be reading,...

The Nostalgia Inducing New Archie

The Riverdale Gang is Back! You may remember seeing Archie comics in the checkout lane of your local grocery store. I’m talking about those little paper backs with bright coloring depicting a snub-nosed red...

Hard Traveling Heroes – Episode 13

On this episode of the Infamous Podcast Johnny and Brian talk New York Comic Con news, Johnny's Big Adventure, The Walking Dead season 6 premiere, and what comics they picked up this week and...

Fantastic Rogue Nation – Episode 3

In this super-sized episode our intrepid heroes and their special guest talk about Rogue Nation, Strange Fruit and the upcoming Fantastic Four train wreck.