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Episode 338 – Who Trailers the Trailers

We take a week off and all these trailers drop! This week on the podcast, Brian and Darryl are talking about all the fun trailers dropped whilst they were away! Episode Index Intro: 0:07...

Mission: Awesomeness – Episode 159

Hell Yeah, I’ll Accept this Mission! This week on the podcast Johnny and Brian are talking about Ruby Rose as Batwoman, Captain Picard’s new adventures, Dave Bautista taking a stand in support of James...

A Stupid and Futile Paradox – Episode 133

What to Watch When You’re Streaming This week on the show Johnny and Brian are talking about the latest batch of movie trailers that aired during the ‘big game’, look at the huge surprise...

When Bad Comic Book Movies Go Fantastically Wrong – Episode 4

In this episode of the Infamous Podcast, The Brians are joined by young Devin Williams and they take turns sharing the horror story that is the Fantastic Four from Fox and Director Josh Trank....

Fantastic Rogue Nation – Episode 3

In this super-sized episode our intrepid heroes and their special guest talk about Rogue Nation, Strange Fruit and the upcoming Fantastic Four train wreck.