Episode 35 – Hallway Fighting with Carol and Daredevil

Hallways of Justice! On this week’s episode, Johnny and Brian discuss that Walking Dead episode where Carol and Maggie show what a bad ass really is, and the news bout a zombie-filled Halloween maze going up at Universal Studios Hollywood. They both went to see 10 Cloverfield Lane this week so they share their thoughts […]

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Don’t Tug on Superman’s Cannon – Episode 30

What is “True Cannon” Anyway? On this week’s show Johnny and Brian take a look at, and discuss the movie previews from Super Bowl 50. They also take the time to delve deeper into some recent comments made by Zack Snyder about the Man of Steel and where his inspiration for his Superman originated. Then […]

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The Game is Afoot – Episode 25

This week the boys dig into Sherlock: The Abominable Bride, The Doctor Who Christmas Special, The Many Husbands of River Song, and they discuss 2016 as the year of Star Trek to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the show.

Looking Forward 2016 – Episode 24

Happy New Year! In this year ending episode of the Infamous Podcast, Johnny and Brian share the movies, tv shows, comics and more they are looking forward to in 2016.

Certified Infamous the Best of 2015 – Episode 23

The end of 2015 is here! This week Johnny and Brian share their Best of 2015 from the worlds of Movies, TV Shows and Comic Books this year! Happy Holidays and Happy New Year!