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The Voice of The Great Beyond – Episode 45

Rebirths, Reveals and the Voice of God On this week’s episode Johnny is BACK! He and Brian talk about some of the news highlights this week, recap the pretty awesome Preacher pilot episode from...

Flash Fact… This is a Mess – Episode 42

Shake It Up! Episode 42 is here! Johnny and Brian are joined by CaitiRock, our resident tabletop and gaming expert, and we are talking Game of Thrones in a non-spoilery way, the new Punisher...

Swing and a Miss – Episode 38

Didn’t We Say Something About Source Material?!? This week on the show Johnny and Brian quickly watch/geek out over the Rogue One trailer, then it is down to business talking about the Walking Dead...

Episode 31 – Playing in the Toy Box

It’s Christmas in February! On this week’s show Johnny and Brian talk about (surprise, surprise!?!) The Walking Dead’s Midseason premiere, the Conclusion to the Flash on Earth-2 story arch, and then they dig deep...

We Make Ourselves Legends – Episode 28

On this week's show Johnny and Brian and joined by the great and wonderful David Griffin! They boys talk about the Challenger explosion, DC Comics' Rebirth and break down a whole mess of TV...

Certified Infamous the Best of 2015 – Episode 23

The end of 2015 is here! This week Johnny and Brian share their Best of 2015 from the worlds of Movies, TV Shows and Comic Books this year! Happy Holidays and Happy New Year!

Crossing Over – Episode 20

This week on the Infamous Podcast Johnny and Brian take a look at the new Batman v. Superman trailer, discuss the Walking Dead mid-season finale and review the Flash and Arrow crossover episodes.

Alias… Jessica Jones – Episode 18

This week Johnny and Brian talk Vader Down, Jessica Jones, The Flash, Agent Carter, the Walking Dead and more!

Follow the Source Material Dammit – Episode 17

On this episode Johnny and Brian share their disdain for when major studios ignore the source material of their favorite comics and tv shows. They also love the casting of Jeffrey Dean Morgan as...

The Martian Phones Home – Episode 12

Episode 12 - The Martian Phones Home. Brian and Johnny review the Martian, talk about the season premiere episodes on the CW and the many MANY comics they picked up this week.