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Bonus Episode – Cincinnati Comic Expo Recap

The Infamous Podcast
The Infamous Podcast
Bonus Episode - Cincinnati Comic Expo Recap


2015 Cincinnati Comic Expo Recap

This past weekend was the 6th Annual Cincinnati Comic Expo, host Brian Tudor was lucky enough to spend most of the weekend in Downtown Cincinnati meeting creators, artists and the lovely Eve Myles.

Erin Schechtman

Erin Schechtman SuperGroupHugs Professional illustrator, kid’s craft designer & artist from Cleveland Ohio. She draws hugs.

Find Erin Online:

Billy & Brandon Watch Movies

Meet Billy, an up and coming theatre employee, and his best friend Brandon, whose biggest accomplishment to date has been coming in third place at a beauty pageant that one time that he played Monopoly. The one thing they have in common is their love of movies, but whenever they watch one together it penetrates their lives and becomes a part of their reality.

Find Billy and Brandon Watch Movies Online:

Geoff Hoffman – Queen City Comics

The Queen City Comic and Card Company opened on Montgomery Road in Pleasant Ridge (slightly north of Cincinnati, Ohio) in May of 1987 and quickly grew into the largest comic book and collectible shop in the area. We added our Fairfield location(farther north of Cincinnati, Ohio) in the fall of 1996. Our goal is to provide our customers with a large and diverse selection of comic books, trading cards, movie posters, and toys.

Find Queen City Comics Online:

Audra Olivia

Audra Olivia is an original artist from small town Michigan. Her love for all things weird and wonderful are reflected in her whimsical paintings. She creates unique monsters and characters that bring a smile into every room!

Find Audra Olivia Online:
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Bonus Pictures:

Brian and the lovely Eve Myles and the KidBot07 being sad about The Crisis.

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