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Bonus Episode – Star Trek: the Motion Picture Review

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The Infamous Podcast
Bonus Episode - Star Trek: the Motion Picture Review

To Boldly Snore Where No One Has Snored Before…

Johnny and Brian have one last Star Trek movie review… and boy is it a snoozer! On the last day of 2016 and the final day of the Star Trek 50th anniversary, the guys finally review, Star Trek: the Motion Picture! And with this, they close the book on talking lots and LOTS of Star Trek for a while! Enjoy!

Star Trek: the Motion Picture (1979)


In 2271 an unknown, cloud-like entity descends upon several Klingon vessels and destroys them. Having monitored the surprise attack, Federation space station Epsilon IX is still unable to prevent itself from becoming the next victim of this vast, mysterious energy cloud.


Cast & Crew

Directed by Robert Wise

Produced by Gene Roddenberry

Screenplay by Harold Livingston

Story by Alan Dean Foster

Based on Star Trek by Gene Roddenberry

William Shatner
Leonard Nimoy
DeForest Kelley
James Doohan
George Takei
Majel Barrett
Walter Koenig
Nichelle Nichols
Persis Khambatta
Stephen Collins

Music by Jerry Goldsmith

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