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Bonus Episode – Talking Indie Comics with 7 Robots

The Infamous Podcast
Bonus Episode - Talking Indie Comics with 7 Robots

7 Robots Interview


Miguel and Suzy from 7 Robots7 Robots is Miguel Guerra’s art paired with Suzy Dias’ words publishing their own comic books and creating a community of indie creators with their annual Earth Dream Anthology.

In this special Bonus Episode Johnny and Brian sit down with Miguel and Suzy of 7 Robots, all the way from Europe, to talk about their book Super Corporate Heroes, the indie Anthology Earth Dream and how they got into publishing comic books.

7 Robots Comics:


CRASH, BOOM, POP! Money & Economics Exposed*
Earth Dream: The FREE Indie Illustrated Anthology
Super Corporate Heroes
Samurai Elf
Wolf Boy and his Magical Warriors

*Successfully funded on Kickstarter and StartJoin. Coming in 2016.

Contact 7 Robots:

7 Robots Online Store
Free Earth Dream Anthology

Contact Us

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