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Bonus Episode – Christian Colbert Interview Part 2

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The Infamous Podcast
The Infamous Podcast
Bonus Episode - Christian Colbert Interview Part 2

Colbert Interview Part 2 Feature

Talking Indie Comics with Christian Colbert

In this special bonus episode the boys continue their talk with Christian Colbert, he shares what it is like to have a project optioned, then left for dead. He and Williams go into what is is like working on an indie project, and wonder what impact they will have on the future of comics.

All that, plus you get a look inside the rise of Ravenhammer Comics, and learn the answer to the big question… what’s next?

Early RavenHammer Art Work by Christian:

FB_IMG_1443195151626 FB_IMG_1443195230360 FB_IMG_1443195277183

You can find more of Christian’s work online at:

@heycolbart on Twitter on Deviant Art

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