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Cover Up 7 Questions & Grifters – Episode 108

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The Infamous Podcast
Cover Up 7 Questions & Grifters - Episode 108

Cover Up 7 Ya’ll!

On this Brian’s on vacation edition of the Infamous Podcast, the guys offer up another Cover Up! This time it is Johnny sharing covers from WildC.A.T.s staple Grifter, and Brian has DC Comics man of mystery The Question.

The Covers


Deathmate Preview Cover Artist(s): Yvel Guichet Bob Wiacek

Grifter #1 (1995) Cover Artist(s): John Floyd Barry Windsor-Smith – ‘Barry Smith’

Grifter #9 (2011) Cover Artist(s): Andrew Dalhouse Rob Liefeld

WildC.A.T.s: Covert Action Team #47 (1992( Cover Artist(s): Joe Madureira Tad Ehrlich John Dickenson

Wildcats #3 (1999) Cover Artist(s): Travis Charest Richard Friend

The Question

Azrael Plus #1 (1996) Cover Artist(s): Barry Kitson James Dean Pascoe – ‘Jim Pascoe’

The Question #4 (2005) Cover Artist(s): Tommy Lee Edwards

The Question #5 (1987) Cover Artist(s): Denys B. Cowan Bill Sienkiewicz

The Question #37 (2010) Cover Artist(s): Cully Hamner Dave McCaig

The Question Quarterly #2 (1990) Cover Artist(s): Denys B. Cowan

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The music in this episodes is Moose from The Infamous Podcast is Johnny Pottorf and Brian Tudor, and is produced and edited by Brian Tudor.

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