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Episode 107 – Ohio Toy & Comic Show Recap

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Episode 107 – Ohio Toy & Comic Show Recap
The Infamous Podcast

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Stickers on Backs and Butts

This week on the show we recap the Ohio Toy and Comic Show with a bunch of interviews with the likes of Roma Collectibles, the What’s on JOE Mind Podcast, Toy Vloggers Cincy Nerd, Josh Pence and Foxxy Faux Real. They also talk with the CEO of Complete Set a great app for toy hunting, collecting and buying. Then it is time to celebrate the cosplayers in attendance! Mary Mercenary and Joe Colton wreak havoc on the show with a hilarious interview and fun with stickers and bootys. Finally, chats with Revenge City Cosplay and Steve Griffin close out the episode. Enjoy!

Who’s Who This Week

Roma Collectibles

What’s On JOE Mind? Podcast

CincyNerd Vlogger

Josh Pence Vlogger

Foxxy Faux Real Vlogger

Gary Darna CompleteSet

Joe Colton Cosplay

Mary Mercenary Cosplay

Revenge City Cosplay

Steve Griffin Cosplay

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