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Episode 226 – The Hartsock Interview

The Infamous Podcast
The Infamous Podcast
Episode 226 - The Hartsock Interview

Filmmaker Ryan Hartsock is in Studio

This week on the podcast Brian sits down with indie filmmaker and producer Ryan Hartsock to talk about his latest release ‘Another Version of You’ (now available on iTunes, Google Play, and Vudu). Then they look at how Ryan got into filmmaking and more!

News Bites

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Ryan Hartsock


Ryan is a dabbler in coffee, beer, books, technology, movies, backpacking, raising 3 kids, and loving his wife of 18 years. Exploration. Evolution. Adventure. Whether in the world of film, innovative media, business innovation, personal philosophy, or family trips…those words are always signposts along the way.



2018 Another Version of You (producer)
2016 Lessons in Accidental Magic (Short) (producer)
2015 Everyday Yeti (Short) (producer)
2014 Contrary to Likeness (Short) (executive producer)
2013 Sorry About Tomorrow (Short) (producer)
2012 A Spoonful of Zanny (Short) (producer)
2012 The Heart Is a Desolate Place (Short) (producer)
2012 The Many Monsters of Sadness (executive producer) / (producer)
2011 The Once Mighty (Short) (producer)
2010 The Department of Thoughts and Intentions (Short) (producer)
2004 The Guest (Video short) (executive producer) / (producer)


2013 Sorry About Tomorrow (Short) (story)
2012 The Heart Is a Desolate Place (Short) (co-writer)
2010 The Department of Thoughts and Intentions (Short) (written by)

Production Manager

2012 A Spoonful of Zanny (Short) (production manager)
2012 The Many Monsters of Sadness (production manager)
2011 The Once Mighty (Short) (production manager)

Editorial Department 

2013 Sorry About Tomorrow (Short) (additional editor) / (assistant editor)

Where to Find Ryan Online

Fivestone Studios

Another Version of Your (2018)


Diggsy (Kris Wente) has always been in love with Suzette (Sara Antonio). After she marries another man, a mysterious stranger (Eddie George) offers him a gift: a key that supposedly opens doors into parallel universes where other versions of Suzette may not only exist but where one of them could possibly even love him back. There’s a catch: once he uses the key, he can’t go back; he will forever leave everything he has ever known, including his sister Daphne (Brittany Belland). After some coaxing, Diggsy crosses through the first door as adventure grabs hold of him and refuses to let go. He meets Suzette after Suzette, most of them vastly different than the one he’s loved his entire life. Every door he passes through presents a new set of struggles, decisions, and challenges. And to complicate things, he meets a woman very different than Suzette named Gwyneth (CJ “Lana” Perry). Diggsy’s journey is filled with comedy, heartbreak, adventure, and a heavy dose of fish out of water.

Cast & Crew

Kris Wente
Sara Antonio
Brittany Belland
C.J. “Lana” Perry
Eddie George

Motke Dapp

Motke Dapp
David Perry
Ryan Hartsock

Motke Dapp

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