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Episode 231.5 – Genre in a Strange Land

Episode 231.5 – Genre in a Strange Land
The Infamous Podcast

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Genre-Bending Trip

In this quickie bonus episode, Brian and Darryl talk about Westworld Season 3 Episode 5 – Genre.

Season 3 Episode 5: Genre

“Just Say No”

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Serac recounts the creation of Rehoboam: after he and his brother Jean witnessed the nuclear destruction of Paris, the two created a system to predict and control human behavior to avoid similar catastrophes. For seed data, they partnered with Incite’s Liam Dempsey Sr., who was more interested in the financial aspects of the system. Serac found the system identified high-risk individuals like Jean that could disrupt future events, and secured them in reeducation centers, justifying this to Dempsey to prevent threats to Dempsey’s life. Serac killed Dempsey himself sometime later, staging his death in a plane crash.

In the present, Dolores and Caleb escort Liam to safety as Serac’s forces hunt them. Liam sees who Caleb is, and in an attempt to escape, injects Caleb with “genre,” a hallucinogenic drug that makes Caleb experience the world through several film genres. Dolores convinces Liam to give her his private key to aid in their escape. They meet up with Ash and Giggles to help with protecting Liam.
Meanwhile, Martin has taken Bernard to Incite, where Rehoboam is housed. Martin uses Liam’s key to access the records on Serac to send them to Dolores. He then sends out Rehoboam’s data on each individual in the world to each individual. Chaos quickly spreads across the globe as people break from the cycles that Rehoboam has set for them. Ashley appears, helping rescue Bernard from Martin, but Martin knows he is no longer necessary to Dolores’ plan and tells them to pursue Serac’s reeducation facilities. When Serac’s security questions Martin, he detonates a bomb and kills them as well as Serac’s assistant, Martel.

Dolores and Caleb continue on to a local airport, with Liam, Ash, and Giggles in tow. Dolores tells Caleb that with Martin dead, they no longer need Liam, and Caleb struggles with what to do. Angered by the data held by Rehoboam, Ash fatally shoots Liam, and she and Giggles leave. Liam mumbles about Caleb’s past as he dies, and Caleb experiences several confusing visions related to his military days. As the plane prepares to leave, Dolores reviews Serac’s data – the creation of Rehoboam – allowing Serac to contact and taunt her, but she tells him she has all she needs before cutting communications. As they are about to leave, a courier delivers a mysterious bag to Caleb.

Directed by
Anna Foerster

Written by
Karrie Crouse
Jonathan Nolan

Cinematography by
Zoë White

Editing by
Andrew Seklir

Original airdate
April 12, 2020

Running time
60 minutes

Notes and References

“Genre” polarized reviewers, with some calling it one of the strongest episodes of the series to date and others deeming it the worst. On Rotten Tomatoes, it holds an approval rating of 63% and an average score of 7.71/10, based on 19 ratings. The site’s critics consensus reads: “‘Genre’ seals a divisive distancing from the show’s origins and establishes the rules of this brave new Westworld, amid chases, megalomaniac plans, and an entertaining trip.”

The original broadcast was watched by 766,000 viewers, the lowest total of the series to-date.


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