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Episode 231 – What to Watch When Everybody is Watching

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The Infamous Podcast
The Infamous Podcast
Episode 231 - What to Watch When Everybody is Watching

It’s a Streaming World… You Just Live in it

This week on the podcast, Brian and Darryl share some standout news from the past week. Then it is time to get into Episode 4 of Westworld “The Mother of Exiles”. Finally, they take some time to share some of the things worth streaming while we are all staying at home, and tired of scrolling through Netflix, et al. to find something good to watch.

News Bites

Tom Holland Said to be in ‘Venom 2’
Dark Horse Launches Twitch Channel with ‘Legends of Korra’ Live Reading
Dave Bautista’s ‘My Spy’ Skipping Theatrical Release, Heading Straight to Amazon
‘Star Wars’ Editor Felt That ’The Last Jedi’ Tried To Undo The Storytelling of ’The Force Awakens’

Westworld Season 3 Episode 4: The Mother of Exiles

“The truth doesn’t always set you free.”


William is tormented by nightmares of killing his daughter Emily in Westworld, thinking she was a host. Charlotte wakes William up, needing him to be present at a Delos board meeting to protect the company from Serac. William cleans himself up, and wards off another vision of Emily by telling her it was a conscious decision to kill her. As he leaves, Charlotte comments on his visions of Emily, shocking him.

Believing Dolores has swapped Liam with a host, Bernard and Ashley prepare to infiltrate a private charity event in Los Angeles to abduct Liam. Dolores and Caleb make similar plans after transferring all of Liam’s funds out of his account. At the event, Bernard and Ashley grab Liam after he discovers his funds have been lost, but quickly learn Liam is not a host. Bernard runs off with Liam as Caleb chases them down, while Dolores fights with Ashley. Bernard is approached by Martin and Liam’s bodyguards, and Bernard realizes Martin is the host when Martin kills the guards. Liam flees, followed by Caleb.

Serac again urges Maeve to help find Dolores, as not only does she hold the encryption key to the Delos data, but also to the Sublime to reunite Maeve with her daughter. He claims that Delos’ secret project of mapping of the human mind can improve Rehoboam and prevent humanity from destroying itself after his native Paris was destroyed in a nuclear blast. He knows Dolores had brought five host control modules, “pearls”, and coerces an identity broker to reveal a lead to a Singapore organ trade doctor named the Mortician with ties to the Yakuza. The Mortician directs her to the Yakuza’s headquarters, and after quickly dispatching the guards, Maeve meets the Yakuza leader, Sato, recognizing him as the Musashi host from Shogun World.

William, Bernard, and Maeve all recognize that Charlotte, Martin, and Sato are all hosts with copies of Dolores’ pearl. Dolores, via Sato, tells Maeve that she needs to duplicate herself to prevent Serac from stopping her before critically wounding Maeve. William lashes out at Charlotte on his discovery, and Charlotte has him committed to a mental institution, where he has visions of Dolores as he remembered her from the park. Martin takes Bernard to meet up with Caleb who has cornered Liam, and is soon joined by Dolores, whom Liam recognizes as Lara, the girlfriend he had thought dead.

Directed by
Paul Cameron

Written by
Jordan Goldberg
Lisa Joy

Original airdate
April 5, 2020

Running time
60 minutes

What to Stream During the Lockdown



The Witcher (Netflix)
The Expanse (Amazon)
The Boys (Amazon)
Black Mirror (Netflix)
Undone (Amazon)
HM: Stranger Things


Train to Busan (Amazon)
Moana (D+)
Fighting with My Family (Hulu/Amazon)



I’m Not Okay with This (Netflix)
Sex Education (Netflix)
Car Masters: Rust to Riches (Netflix)
McMillion$ (HBO)
Mythic Quest: Raven’s Banquet (Apple TV+)

Stand-Up Specials

Bert Kreischer: Hey Big Boy (Netflix)
Taylor Tomlinson: Quarter-Life Crisis (Netflix)


Parasite (Hulu)
The Scheme (HBO)
Marriage Story (Netflix)

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