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Episode 300 – The Milestone Episode

The Infamous Podcast
The Infamous Podcast
Episode 300 - The Milestone Episode

Celebrating 6 Years of Infamous

This week on the podcast, Brian and Darryl celebrate 6 years and 300 episodes of the Infamous Podcast with a look back at how we got here and a special 300 review.

Episode Index

Intro: 0:11
The Big Review: 29:49

300 (2007)


In 480 B.C. a state of war exists between Persia, led by King Xerxes (Rodrigo Santoro), and Greece. At the Battle of Thermopylae, Leonidas (Gerard Butler), king of the Greek city-state of Sparta, leads his badly outnumbered warriors against the massive Persian army. Though certain death awaits the Spartans, their sacrifice inspires all of Greece to unite against their common enemy.


Gerard Butler as Leonidas
David Wenham as Dilios
Lena Headey as Queen Gorgo
Giovanni Cimmino as Pleistarchus
Dominic West as Theron
Vincent Regan as Captain Artemis
Tom Wisdom as Astinos
Andrew Pleavin as Daxos
Andrew Tiernan as Ephialtes
Rodrigo Santoro as King Xerxes
Stephen McHattie as the Loyalist
Michael Fassbender as Stelios
Peter Mensah as a Persian messenger
Kelly Craig as Pythia
Eli Snyder as young Leonidas (7/8 years old).
Tyler Neitzel as young Leonidas (15 years old).
Robert Maillet as Über Immortal (giant)
Patrick Sabongui as the Persian General
Leon Laderach as Executioner
Tyrone Benskin as the whip-wielding Persian Emissary.


Directed by
Zack Snyder

Screenplay by
Zack Snyder
Kurt Johnstad
Michael B. Gordon

Based on 300 by
Frank Miller
Lynn Varley

Produced by
Gianni Nunnari
Mark Canton
Bernie Goldman
Jeffrey Silver

Larry Fong

Edited by
William Hoy

Music by
Tyler Bates


Production Companies
Legendary Pictures
Virtual Studios
Atmosphere Entertainment MM
Hollywood Gang Productions

Distributed by
Warner Bros. Pictures

Release date
February 14, 2007 (Berlin)
March 9, 2007 (United States)

Running time
116 minutes

United States


$60–65 million

Box office
$456.1 million

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