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Episode 342 – Herogasm Has Arrived

The Infamous Podcast
Episode 342 - Herogasm Has Arrived

Well, That Was Graphic… But Not As Graphic As We Thought It Would Be.

This week on the podcast, Brian and Darryl are talking about The Boys Season 3 Episode 6, Herogasm, the season 2 penultimate episode of Superman and Lois, and have some News Bites for your earholes.

Episode Index

Intro: 0:07
Top Gun Box Office: 4:21
Ezra Miller: 8:09
GroomerFlix Layoffs: 18:16
The Boys: 27:22
Supes and Lolo: 45:59

News Bites

Top Gun Maverick Box Office Watch:
Guns, Bullets, and Weed: Ezra Miller Housing Three Young Children and Their Mother at Vermont Farm
Netflix Begins Second Round of Layoffs, 300 Positions Cut

The Boys (Season 3 Episode 6)

Out of 5 Wrong Doors at the Wrong Time
Darryl: 4.5/5
Brain: 4.25/5

Title: “Herogasm”
Directed by: Nelson Cragg
Written by: Jessica Chou
Release Date: June 24, 2022

The Deep and Homelander uncover security footage of Soldier Boy killing Countess, leading Noir to cut out his tracking chip and disappear. Nina kidnaps Kimiko and Cherie and forces Frenchie to choose who to execute, but Kimiko frees herself and brutally kills Nina’s henchmen while Nina escapes. Butcher and Hughie agree to help Soldier Boy track down his old Payback teammates – beginning with the TNT Twins – in exchange for his help in killing Homelander. MM and Annie find the Twins first in Vermont, where they are hosting “Herogasm” – an annual Supe orgy. Soldier Boy arrives shortly thereafter with the superpowered Hughie and Butcher. After learning from the Twins that Noir sold him out to the Russians, Soldier Boy accidentally releases another energy blast that destroys the house, killing the twins and most of the guests and servers inside. Soldier Boy, Butcher, and Hughie team up to fight Homelander, who escapes before Soldier Boy can kill him. A-Train collapses from heart failure after using his powers to kill Blue Hawk. Annie films a live video announcing her departure from the Seven, and publicly condemns Vought, Homelander and Soldier Boy.

Superman and Lois (Season 2 Episode 14)

Out of 5 Sad Supermans
Darryl: 4/5
Brian: 4/5

Title: “Worlds War Bizarre”
Directed by: Sheelin Choskey
Written by: Michael Narducci
Release Date: June 21, 2022

As the worlds begin merging, Earth-Prime’s sky turns red and the Inverse World’s cube sun appears in its sky. Objects flicker between their Earth-Prime and Inverse World appearances. John flies Clark to the Fortress where Lara tells them that it could take time for Clark’s powers to return. Against Sam’s wishes, Lois and Chrissy inform Lana about Ally and the worlds’ merging. She goes public with the information at a town hall meeting at the high school and says that Superman will not be able to save them. The residents rebuke her claims, but Superman backs them. John locks Natalie’s suit and tells her to protect her new family. He fights Ally in the space between worlds, but is defeated and loses contact with Natalie. Lana-Rho breaks Jon-El out and they attack the school, but are defeated by Jordan and Natalie. Sarah sees Jordan using his powers and gets upset with Lana upon realizing that she already knew and didn’t tell her. The flickering worsens and affects the Kent house while Kyle vanishes.

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