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Episode 343 – Round Earth in a Square Hole

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The Infamous Podcast
The Infamous Podcast
Episode 343 - Round Earth in a Square Hole

Fuck Roman and OC’s “Superman Punches” They Don’t Split Two Earths

This week on the podcast, the Superman and Lois Season 2 Finale, The Boys Season 3 Penultimate episode, and News Bites!

Episode Index

Intro: 0:07
Top Gun Box Office: 2:06
Lena Heady: 9:43
The Boys: 21:53
Supes and Lolo: 39:43

News Bites

Top Gun Maverick Box Office Watch:
Lena Headey Sued for $1.5 Million Over Cut ‘Thor: Love and Thunder’ Role and More
Ezra Miller Accused of Harassing Woman in Germany, and Iceland Choking Victim Breaks Her Silence

The Boys (Season 3 Episode 7)

Out of 5 Melting Brain Pans
Darryl: 4.25/5
Brain: 4/5

Title: “Here Comes a Candle to Light You to Bed”
Directed by: Sarah Boyd
Written by: Paul Grellong
Release Date: July 1, 2022

In flashbacks, Noir is revealed to have traded Soldier Boy to the Russians on Edgar’s behalf with the help of Payback, who resented Soldier Boy for his abusive behavior. Presently, A-Train is successfully revived after getting a heart transplant from Blue Hawk. Butcher, Hughie, and Soldier Boy seek Payback member Mindstorm, who subdues Butcher, trapping him in memories of his abusive father and the suicide of his little brother Lenny. Hughie convinces Mindstorm into freeing Butcher in exchange for his freedom, but Soldier Boy kills Mindstorm shortly afterward. While retrieving Compound V for Kimiko at Vought, Annie discovers that V24 will kill users after three to five doses. Homelander confronts Annie regarding her livestream, but Annie records him admitting to his crimes and posts it on social media. Frenchie injects Compound V into Kimiko, healing her injuries and restoring her powers. Annie informs Butcher of the risks of V24, but Butcher chooses to withhold this information from Hughie. Soldier Boy calls Homelander and reveals that he is his biological father.

Superman and Lois (Season 2 Episode 15)

Out of 5 Plasma Filled Supermans
Darryl: 4.25/5
Brian: 8/5

Title: “Waiting for Superman”
Directed by: Gregory Smith
Written by: Brent Fletcher & Todd Helbing
Release Date: June 28, 2022

Chrissy urges everyone to be with their families. People are randomly being transported between worlds, and Lois is eventually separated from everyone else. She finds Sam, Kyle, and the Inverse Chrissy, but they’re all transported back without her. Natalie re-establishes contact with John and brings his escape pod to the space between worlds. They transfer their suits’ power to it and use it to destroy the portals. Tal-Rho returns and flies Superman into the sun, restoring and supercharging his powers. His power is too great for Ally to handle, causing her to split back into two. Superman rescues John and Natalie and separates the two worlds. At a celebration, Clark and Lana reconcile, Sarah and Jordan rekindle their relationship, Lois tells Chrissy that Clark is Superman, and Lana tells Kyle that their relationship won’t be the same again. Both Ally’s are imprisoned at the DOD, and they admit to Lois that they didn’t feel complete. John Diggle visits Irons, wanting to know why Bruno Mannheim killed this Earth’s Irons. Tal-Rho buys trucks for Jonathan and Jordan and moves to the Inverse Smallville while Lucy moves to Metropolis. Clark creates a new Fortress in the ocean for his family.

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