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Episode 362 – Ava Grab Your Crown… of Thorns!

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The Infamous Podcast
Episode 362 - Ava Grab Your Crown... of Thorns!

People are Friends, Not Food.

This week on the podcast, Brian and Darryl review the remainder of Warrior Nun season 2, talk Bob Iger’s return, Tarantino’s truth bomb about MCU actors, and why cannibalism is suddenly popular in modern movies!

Episode Index

Intro: 0:07
Wakanda Forever Box Office: 3:02
Bob Iger: 8:50
MCU Non-Movie Stars: 21:02
Cannibalism, Why?: 33:53
Warrior Nun: 41:56

News Bites

Disney Shocker: Bob Iger Returning as CEO, Bob Chapek Exits
Quentin Tarantino Says Marvel Actors Aren’t Movie Stars: ‘Captain America Is the Star,’ Not Chris Evans
Why Cannibalism Is Suddenly Trendy on Screen

Warrior Nun (Season 2, Episodes 3-8)

Out of 10 Stolen Erotic Pastry Vans
Darryl: 7.25/10
Brian: 8.5/10

Episode 3 Title: “Luke 8:17”
Directed by: Kasia Adamik
Written by: Brenden Gallagher
Summary: After the Order sends out an urgent call, Beatrice and Ava connect with old friends in Madrid and stop by a museum; Jillian investigates an anomaly.

Episode 4 Title: “Corinthians 10:20-21”
Directed by: Kasia Adamik
Written by: Suzanne Keilly
Summary: As a plague sweeps the city, Ava uncovers new revelations about Miguel and Adriel’s methods; Lilith explores new possibilities.

Episode 5 Title: “Mark 10:45”
Directed by: Denis Rovira
Written by: Sheila Wilson
Summary: Seeking Lilith’s whereabouts, the sisters and Miguel visit Jillian; an unnerving discovery upsets Camila; conflict erupts over Adriel at a conclave.

Episode 6 Title: “Isaiah 40:31”
Directed by: Denis Rovira
Written by: David Hayter
Summary: The Order and their allies prepare for a showdown against Adriel at his new cathedral but learn their adversaries have been making plans of their own.

Episode 7 Title: “Psalms 116:15”
Directed by: Simon Barry
Written by: David Hayter & Sheila Wilson
Summary: After an intense battle, Ava’s halo saves a life, while one of Adriel’s followers has a crisis of faith; Camila finds herself behind enemy lines.

Episode 8 Title: “Jeremiah 29:13”
Directed by: Simon Barry
Written by: Simon Barry
Summary: Ava visits the other realm and returns with a new plan to end Adriel’s unholy charade, but it will require superhuman strength and painful sacrifices.

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