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Episode 369 – The Last of Us

The Infamous Podcast
The Infamous Podcast
Episode 369 - The Last of Us

Pedro Just Refuses to Wear a Mask… Why is He Anti-Mask?

This week on the podcast, Brian and Darryl are talking about episode 1 of The Last of Us, and the best news of the week.

Episode Index

Intro: 0:07
Cobra Kai: 5:29
The Mandalorian: 7:57
Chris Pratt: 16:49
Tron: Ares: 22:30
Disney/CCP: 28:37
GK “Robin”: 35:34
The Last of Us: 40:30

News Bites

Cobra Kai |Season 6 Announcement only on Netflix
‘The Mandalorian’ Reveals Season 3 Trailer, New Directors
Chris Pratt Will ‘Probably’ Join New DC Universe, Says James Gunn
Disney Moving On ‘Tron: Ares’; Joachim Rønning In Talks To Helm Jared Leto In Sci-Fi Sequel
Report: The Walt Disney Company And Marvel Studios To Educate Actors In Order To Placate Communist China
Race-Bent Robin Arrives In New Trailer For The CW’s ‘Gotham Knights’

The Last of Us (Season 1, Episode 1)

Out of 5 Useless Batteries
Darryl: 3.5/5
Brian: 3/5

Title: “When You’re Lost in the Darkness”
Directed by: Craig Mazin
Written by: Craig Mazin & Neil Druckman
Aired: January 15, 2023
In 2003, a mass fungal infection sparks a global pandemic and turns its victims into bloodthirsty attackers. Joel flees with his daughter Sarah as the fungus starts to spread, but she is killed by a soldier who attacks them, while Joel is saved by his brother Tommy. Twenty years later, Joel lives in the Boston quarantine zone managed by the Federal Disaster Response Agency (FEDRA) as a smuggler with his partner Tess. When Tommy fails to contact them from his location in Wyoming, they try to buy a car battery from a local dealer but it is instead sold to the Fireflies, a rebel group that opposes FEDRA. Attempting to retrieve it, they find the deal has gone awry and Marlene, the Fireflies’ wounded leader, begs Joel and Tess to take young Ellie to the Old State House in exchange for supplies. They are caught by a soldier while sneaking out and Ellie stabs him when he tests them for infection. When the soldier tries to shoot her, Joel beats him to death. Tess realizes Ellie is infected, but Ellie promises them she will not turn. They enter a biological contamination area to flee the pursuing FEDRA soldiers.

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