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Episode 376 – Droppin’ Review Bombs

The Infamous Podcast
The Infamous Podcast
Episode 376 - Droppin' Review Bombs

All Reviews All The Time!

This week on the podcast, Brian and Darryl are bringing all that review fire! They are reviewing The Last of Us, The Mandalorian, Picard, and Creed III.

Episode Index

Intro: 0:07
The Last of Us:
The Mandalorian:
Creed III:

The Last of Us (Season 1, Episode 8)

Out of 5 Nearly Dead Father Figures
Darryl: **/5
Brian: 2/5

Title: “When We Are in Need”
Directed by: Ali Abbasi
Written by: Craig Mazin
Aired: March 5, 2023
Ellie leaves Joel, who is still recovering, to hunt for food. After shooting a deer, she tracks the wounded animal and encounters a preacher, David, and his fellow hunter James. She trades her deer for penicillin. David reveals the man who stabbed Joel was a member of his group; Ellie leaves to treat Joel. The next day, she discovers David and his men have followed her to seek vengeance on Joel. She flees to draw them away but is captured. At David’s camp, he reveals he has been feeding his group human flesh. Meanwhile, Joel awakens and tortures some of David’s men into telling him Ellie’s whereabouts. David and James attempt to kill Ellie but she kills James and escapes; David hunts her down, but she overpowers him and kills him with a meat cleaver. Joel finds a traumatized Ellie outside the cult’s burning community center and comforts her.

The Mandalorian (Season 3, Episode 2)

Out of 5 What the HELL was that in the Living Waters under Mandalores?
Darryl: **/5
Brian: 3/5

Title: “Chapter 18: The Mines of Mandalore”
Directed by: Rachel Morrison
Written by: John Favreau
Aired: March 8, 2023
Din Djarin visits Peli Motto on Tatooine during the Boonta Eve festival in search of a new memory chip for IG-11. She does not have one but instead sells him R5-D4. Djarin, Grogu, and R5 fly to Mandalore, where Djarin orders R5 to scout ahead and ensure that the atmosphere is non-toxic. When R5 does not return, Djarin ventures after it and is attacked by several Alamites, a native troll-like species living in the caves. Heading deeper into the mines, Djarin is captured by a cyborg creature and sends Grogu for Bo-Katan’s help. Bo-Katan rescues Djarin and kills the cyborg before leading Djarin to the Living Waters. Djarin begins to recite the creed to restore himself as a Mandalorian. However, a sudden drop-off causes him to sink deep into the water. Bo-Katan dives in to save him. On the way back up, she comes face to face with a Mythosaur.

Picard (Season 3, Episodes 1-4)

Out of 10, I Can’t Believe I Let Darryl Talking Me Into Watching This’s
Darryl: **/10
Brian: 7.5/10

Season 3 Episode 1
Title: “The Next Generation”
Directed by: Doug Marniokoski
Written by: Terry Matalas
Aired: February 16, 2023
In the 25th century, Dr. Beverly Crusher and her son Jack are attacked aboard the SS Eleos XII. Beverly is injured and sends an emergency message to her former Starfleet captain, the retired Admiral Jean-Luc Picard. Picard and his love Laris are planning a trip to Chaltok IV when he receives the message and she encourages him to go. Beverly told Picard not to involve Starfleet so he goes to his former first officer, Captain William Riker. Riker and Picard stage a surprise inspection of the USS Titan-A, the successor to Riker’s former ship, planning to convince its captain, Liam Shaw, to go to Beverly’s location without revealing why. Shaw declines, but his first officer is Picard’s friend Seven of Nine who ignores Shaw’s orders and changes the Titan’s course. On M’talas Prime, Starfleet intelligence officer Raffi Musiker searches for a stolen portal device that her mysterious handler fears will be used in a terrorist attack; she fails to find it before it is used to destroy a Starfleet facility. Picard and Riker board the Eleos via shuttlecraft and find Beverly in stasis. They meet Jack as a large ship appears.

Season 3 Episode 2
Title: “Disengage”
Directed by: Doug Marniokoski
Written by: Christopher Monfette & Sean Tretta
Aired: February 23, 2023
Picard stops the large ship, the Shrike, from transporting Jack off the Eleos, but it then captures the Eleos itself with a tractor beam. Seven persuades Shaw to intervene and Beverly is transported to the Titan’s medical bay while Picard, Riker, and Jack are brought to the bridge. The Shrike’s captain, a bounty hunter named Vadic, reveals that Jack is an intergalactic criminal with a large bounty on his head. Shaw has Jack arrested and intends to turn him over to save the crew, despite the protests of Picard and Riker. Jack escapes from custody and attempts to transport himself over to the Shrike in an effort to save his mother, but Riker helps Beverly to the bridge and when Picard sees her he realizes that Jack is his son from a brief relationship he had with Beverly decades earlier. Knowing that Picard will not hand over his son, Shaw orders the Titan into a nearby nebula as a delighted Vadic gives chase. Raffi meets with the Ferengi criminal Sneed hoping to find those responsible for the attack, despite her handler ordering her to stop investigating. She is almost killed by Sneed but is saved by her handler, Worf, who kills Sneed in the process.

Season 3 Episode 3
Title: “Seventeen Seconds”
Directed by: Jonathan Frakes
Written by: Jane Maggs & Cindy Appel
Aired: March 2, 2023
The Shrike attacks the Titan, injuring Shaw who transfers command to Riker. Beverly explains that she did not tell Picard about Jack to keep their son safe from assassination attempts. The Titan attempts to escape the nebula but is cornered by the Shrike using portal technology. Picard advises Riker to lure the Shrike into a trap, but Riker wants to flee and prioritize saving the crew. Jack and Seven deduce that Vadic is tracking a gas leak on the Titan and find an ensign sabotaging the ship. He is revealed to be a Changeling and escapes their custody. Raffi and Worf capture a criminal that they believe is responsible for the attack on M’talas Prime. They discover that he is also a Changeling, part of a group that has been fighting the Federation since the end of the Dominion War, and realize that the attack was just a distraction. Convinced by Picard’s insistence that they fight back, Riker fires on the Shrike. Their weapons are redirected back at them with a portal and the Titan sustains heavy damage. Riker blames Picard and orders him off the bridge as they drift towards a gravitational anomaly in the nebula.

Season 3 Episode 4
Title: “No Win Scenario”
Directed by: Jonathan Frakes
Written by: Terry Matalas & Sean Tretta
Aired: March 9, 2023
Vadic revealed to be a Changeling, contacts her superior, who tells her to pursue the Titan at all costs, leading to her dumping the unwieldy portal technology. The Titan is too damaged to run both propulsion and life support for more than a few hours. Riker admits Picard was right and suggests that he spend his last moments bonding with Jack. In the holodeck. Picard and Jack tell each other some of their adventures but are joined by Shaw, who bitterly recounts his experiences as an engineer during Starfleet’s battle with Locutus. Riker orders Seven to keep searching for the Changeling impostor; she gets Shaw’s help. The anomaly begins discharging energy pulses. Beverly monitors the timing and conjectures that the anomaly is actually a space creature about to give birth. Riker, Beverly, and Picard form a high-risk plan to harness an energy pulse and recharge the ship’s systems. With Shaw and Seven’s help, including Seven’s identification and killing of the Changeling impostor, the plan succeeds. The Titan uses its tractor beam to fling an asteroid and damage the Shrike significantly on their way out of the nebula among newborn jellyfish-like space creatures.

Creed III (2023)

Out of 10 I’m Not Sure What Was Happening in the Clouds’s
Darryl 7.5/10
Brian 6.5/10

Adonis has been thriving in both his career and family life, but when a childhood friend and former boxing prodigy resurfaces, the face-off is more than just a fight.

Michael B. Jordan as Adonis “Donnie” Creed (né Johnson)
Thaddeus J. Mixon as 15-year-old Adonis “Donnie” Johnson
Tessa Thompson as Bianca Taylor-Creed
Jonathan Majors as Damian “Diamond Dame” Anderson
Spence Moore II as 18-year-old Damian “Dame” Anderson
Wood Harris as Tony “Little Duke” Evers
Florian Munteanu as Viktor Drago
Phylicia Rashad as Mary Anne Creed
Mila Davis-Kent as Amara Creed
José Benavidez Jr. as Felix Chavez
Selenis Leyva as Laura Chavez

Directed by Michael B. Jordan
Screenplay by Keenan Coogler, Zach Baylin
Story by Ryan Coogler, Keenan Coogler, Zach Baylin
Produced by Irwin Winkler, Charles Winkler, William Chartoff, David Winkler, Ryan Coogler, Michael B. Jordan, Elizabeth Raposo, Jonathan Glickman, Sylvester Stallone
Cinematography Kramer Morgenthau
Edited by Tyler Nelson, Jessica Baclesse
Music by Joseph Shirley
Production Companies
Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer, Chartoff-Winkler Productions, Proximity Media, Outlier Society
Distributed bycMetro-Goldwyn-Mayer
Release date March 3, 2023 (United States)
Running Time 116 minutes
Country United States
Budget $75 million
Box office $114.3 million

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