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Episode 380 – Don’t Pull a Gun on Superman’s Wife

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The Infamous Podcast
The Infamous Podcast
Episode 380 - Don't Pull a Gun on Superman's Wife

Who’s the REAL Mandalorian now?

This week on the podcast, Brian and Darryl are back to talking about the 4 big shows they are watching, and maybe some Star Wars news.

Episode Index

Intro: 0:07
The Mandalorian: 2:18
Ted Lasso: 22:41
Superman and Lois: 36:26
Picard: 54:08

The Mandalorian (Season 3, Episode 6)

Out of 5 Why Was Lizzo in This Episodes
Darryl: 2/5
Brian: 2.61/5

Title: “Chapter 22: Guns for Hire”
Directed by: Bryce Dallas Howard
Written by: Jon Favreau
Aired: April 5, 2023
Bo-Katan, Din Djarin and Grogu set out for the idyllic planet Plazir-15, where Bo-Katan’s former army, now led by Axe Woves, have set themselves up as mercenaries. Before they can meet them, they are involuntarily diverted by the planet’s rulers, Captain Bombardier and the Duchess, who ask for their help in neutralizing several repurposed but malfunctioning Imperial and Separatist droids. After stopping a rogue droid, Bo-Katan and Djarin follow its trail to The Resistor, a droid bar, and convince its bartender and clientele to help them. They find out that the droids were sabotaged through nanodroids in the bar’s maintenance fluid, which were covertly imported by Commissioner Helgait, head of the planetary Security Office. Confronted, Helgait reveals himself as a Separatist before Bo-Katan knocks him out and is sentenced to exile by the Duchess. Granted an audience with the Mandalorian privateers, Bo-Katan challenges Woves for leadership and defeats him. To help her ascendance, Djarin admits his capture by the cyborg in the mines of Mandalore and his rescue by Bo-Katan, which rightfully bestows the Darksaber back to her.

Ted Lasso (Season 3, Episodes 4)

Out of 5 Overcompensations
Darryl: 3.75/5
Brian: 3.25/5

Title: “Big Week”
Directed by: Destiny Ekaragha
Written by: Brett Goldstein
Aired: April 5, 2023
Ted asks Sassy out on a date, but she declines, telling him that he, like her, is a “mess” and that they are better off remaining friends with benefits. Richmond prepares for their much-anticipated match against West Ham United, with Ted and Nate not having seen each other since the latter’s acrimonious departure from Richmond. Unbeknownst to Ted, Nate privately regrets the way he left Richmond, but Rupert tells Nate to quash his concerns. Trent uncovers camera footage of Nate tearing Ted’s “Believe” sign in half, which Beard and Roy use to rile up the team against West Ham, but Richmond’s aggressive play in the second half of the match results in three red cards and ultimately a heavy loss. Rebecca notices Rupert flirting with his assistant after the match and tells him to stop. Ted calls Michelle to voice his concerns about her relationship with Dr. Jacob.

Superman & Lois (Season 3, Episodes 4)

Out of 5 Don’t Fuck With Nerd Dad Clark Kents
Darryl: 3.75/5
Brian: 3.84/5

Title: “Too Close to Home”
Directed by: Stewart Hendler
Written by: Juliana James
Aired: April 4, 2023
After Jordan is spotted with Superman, Sam tries to get him a haircut. Kyle talks to Sarah and Lana separately, and the two meet and reconcile. When confronted about the truck, Emmet gives Jonathan a black eye and pulls a gun on Lois. Meanwhile, John learns about his doppelgänger’s involvement with Intergang. After meeting with Darlene, he is quickly confronted by Mannheim, who is aware of his true identity. Mannheim straps a bomb to Darlene’s chest in order to coerce John into walking away. John rescues her, but refrains from killing Mannheim who still has eyes on his doppelgänger’s family. Sam finds that Intergang synthesized Superman’s blood using D.O.D. samples, so Superman destroys them all. That night, after learning what Emmet has done, Clark scares him into skipping town and has Candice stay with his family. Sam presents Jordan with a suit so he will not have to cut his hair. Lois signs up as a chemo patient at a hospital in Hob’s Bay, an area run by Mannheim.

Picard (Season 3, Episodes 8)

Out of 5 Geordi and Data Totally “Did Its”
Darryl: 3.85/5
Brian: 4.12/5

Title: “Surrender”
Directed by: Deborah Kampmeier
Written by: Matt Okumura
Aired: April 6, 2023
Vadic locks all the systems aboard the Titan from the crew. She threatens to execute the crew if Jack does not surrender, which he does after she kills a lieutenant. Data’s persona breaks the partition from Lore’s persona, and, realizing he cannot overpower Lore, surrenders his memories, which consume Lore and allow Data full control of the android. The rest of the crew rush to the computer core to plug Data into Titan’s systems, which he manipulates to protect Jack and vent the bridge, killing Vadic. Worf and Raffi rescue Riker and Troi, who had spent much of their detainment discussing their marital issues and desire for adventure, bringing them aboard the Titan, and reuniting the crew of the Enterprise-D. Worf finds Picard’s original corpse (with his parietal lobe removed for research) on the Shrike, then returns to the Titan. Shaw orders Seven to blow up the Shrike. Troi encourages Jack to confront his fear and step through the red door he sees in his visions.

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