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Episode 386 – Goodbye Ms. Marvel, We Hardly Knew Ya!

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The Infamous Podcast
The Infamous Podcast
Episode 386 - Goodbye Ms. Marvel, We Hardly Knew Ya!

This is One of the Least Important Character Deaths of All Time.

This week on the podcast, Darryl DIDN’T get out to see Guardians 3, so he and Brian are talking Ted Lasso ep 10, and a whole bunch of news, specifically the Death of Ms. Marvel.

Episode Index

Intro: 0:07
Entourage Funnies: 1:44
Indy Woes: 6:59
The Fate of Supes and Lolo: 13:46
Galactic Starcruiser Crash and Burn: 18:42
So Long Kamala Khan: 27:07
Ted Lasso: 36:47

News Bites

‘Entourage’ Creator Flips Out Over Proposed Changes to Show, Not Realizing It Was a Joke
‘Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny’ Review: Harrison Ford Cracks the Whip One Last Time in a Final Chapter Short on Both Thrills and Fun
The CW President Brad Schwartz Says Fate Of ‘Superman & Lois’ Mostly Dependent On Cost: “It’s Expensive [And] Doesn’t Make Money For Us”
Disney World Closing Pricey ‘Star Wars’-Themed Galactic Starcruiser Experience
Ms. Marvel’s Death In ‘Amazing Spider-Man #26’ Upsets And Baffles Fans

Ted Lasso (Season 3, Episodes 10)

Out of 5 Dani Rojas Goes Psychos
Darryl: 3.81/5
Brian: 4.43/5

Title: “International Break”
Directed by: Matt Lipsey
Written by: Jane Becker
Aired: May 17, 2023
Several Richmond players are called up to play for their national teams, but Sam is left disappointed when he is not selected for Nigeria; he later learns that Edwin Akufo had bribed officials to keep him off the team out of spite. Nate unexpectedly quits West Ham and recuperates at his parents’ home, and repairs his strained relationship with his father. Keeley is left devastated after her firm suddenly shuts down when her funding is pulled, but Rebecca invests in her firm instead. She reopens the firm and rehires Barbara as CFO. Dani breaks Van Damme’s nose with a shot at goal as the two play against each other in an international game between Mexico and Canada, while Jamie makes his debut for England. Rupert tries to recruit Rebecca into joining Akufo’s new exclusive Super League. Although she attends the meeting after some prompting from Higgins, she berates Akufo and the other owners for taking football away from working-class people just to make more money for themselves. She ultimately sways Rupert and the others into rejecting Akufo’s plan, who promptly throws a tantrum (and food) at them. In the aftermath, Rupert tries to kiss Rebecca, but she rejects him, although she no longer wants to beat him. Roy’s gradual change in attitude inspires him to apologize to Keeley for ending their relationship, and they get back together. Nathan sneaks into the Richmond locker room and leaves Will an apology note for his past behavior.

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