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Episode 413 – Lady Ballers Shifting Monsters

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The Infamous Podcast
Episode 413 - Lady Ballers Shifting Monsters

That’s The Biggest Lady **** I’ve Ever Seen!

This week on the podcast, Brian and Darryl are talking about, Lady Ballers from the Daily Wire, The Shift from Angel Studios, and Monarch episodes 3-5 from AppleTV+!

Episode Index

Intro: 0:07
Lady Ballers: 4:41
The Shift: 18:24
Monarch: 38:15

Lady Ballers (The Daily Wire)

Out of 10 What is a Womans
Darryl: 5.5/10
Brian: 5.5/10

A down-on-his-luck former high school basketball coach will do anything to win, which in this case means, leading his team of men to don wigs and brutally dominate in multiple women’s sports.

Directed by
Jeremy Boreing

Written by
Jeremy Boreing
Brian A. Hoffman
Nick Sheehan

Jeremy Boreing
Daniel Considine
David Cone
Blain Crain
Jake Crain
Tyler Fischer
Billie Rae Brandt
Lexie Contursi
Rosie Seraphine Harper
Matt Walsh
Candace Owens
Brett Cooper
Michael J. Knowles
Andrew Klavan
Spencer Klavan
Clay Travis
Seth Dillon
Riley Gaines

The Shift (2023)

Out of 10 The Benefactor is a Real Dicks
Darryl: 7.25/10
Brian: 7/10


Kevin Garner encounters a mysterious man known as “The Benefactor”. When Kevin refuses the man’s enticing offer of wealth and power, he is shifted into alternate totalitarian realities, encountering infinite worlds and impossible choices, as he attempts to return to the woman he loves.

Directed by
Brock Heasley

Written by
Brock Heasley

Produced by
Brock Heasley
Ken Carpenter

Kristoffer Polaha
Neal McDonough
Elizabeth Tabish
Rose Reid
John Billingsley
Paras Patel
Jordan Alexandra
Sean Astin

Edd Lukas

Edited by
Chris Witt

Music by
Dan Haseltine
Matthew S. Nelson

Production Companies
Nook Lane Entertainment
Pinnacle Peak Pictures
Salt Shaker Media

Distributed by
Angel Studios

Release dates
December 1, 2023 (United States)

Running time
115 minutes

$6.4 million

Box office
$5.5 million

Monarch: Legacy of Monsters (AppleTV)

Out of 10 The One Character That’s Ready for All This Isn’ts
Darryl: 6.5/10
Brian: 7/10

Episode 3: Secrets and Lies
In 2015, Cate, Kentaro, May, and Shaw escape Japan on a ferry bound for Pohang, Korea. In Pohang, they are accosted by border guards before one of them, Du-Ho, reveals himself as Shaw’s old friend. Du-Ho transports them to Alaska by plane; on the way, May infers from Bill Randa’s files that Hiroshi was likely following a list of coordinates identified by Monarch. In Alaska, they find the wreckage of Hiroshi’s plane as well as an encampment suggesting his survival. Du-Ho realizes that Hiroshi’s plane was attacked after landing; a Frost Vark kills him and destroys his plane.

In 1954, Shaw has joined Monarch in a command position. He, Randa, and Miura present a cast of Godzilla’s footprint from Indonesia to Shaw’s superior officer, Gen. Puckett, to secure uranium to lure Godzilla out of hiding. In Bikini Atoll, Randa and Miura are horrified to discover that Puckett has delivered the uranium in the form of a nuclear bomb intended to kill Godzilla as part of the Castle Bravo test. As Godzilla surfaces, Miura attempts to halt the detonation, but Shaw restrains her. In the aftermath, Shaw is given a blank check by Puckett for Monarch to research the Titans.

Episode 4: Parallels and Interiors
In 2015, the Frost Vark’s emergence was detected by Monarch. Cate, Kentaro, May, and Shaw manage to escape from the Frost Vark, but May falls into a pool of water and quickly develops hypothermia as they try to find shelter. Kentaro splits off from the rest of the group and finds a building that he saw from the plane, which turns out to be an old radio station that Hiroshi had previously repaired. Having learned that the Frost Vark feeds on heat energy, Cate, May, and Shaw create a bonfire to distract it, long enough for a helicopter that Kentaro contacted to arrive and rescue them. The group is taken to a Monarch facility, where they are greeted by Tim and Duvall.

In 2014, Kentaro met May while waiting for his first art show at a prestigious gallery. He chooses to spend the evening with her instead of preparing for the show, and they bond. It’s ultimately revealed that Kentaro decided to present his art before he was ready to do so, out of a desire to make his father proud, and that the night of the gallery was the last time he saw Hiroshi before the latter’s disappearance.

Episode 5: The Way Out
In 2015, Monarch deputy director Verdugo is frustrated to learn that Shaw had kept Cate, Kentaro, and May in the dark about the true nature of Hiroshi’s activities in Alaska. Duvall suggests releasing the three to track their movements. After returning to San Francisco, Cate convinces her mother, Caroline, and Caroline’s colleague James to smuggle them towards Hiroshi’s office in a restricted zone of the city’s ruins. Evading military patrols and dealing with Cate’s PTSD, they eventually reach Hiroshi’s office. While they fail to find further hidden files, Kentaro concludes from Hiroshi’s maps that he likely headed to Africa in search of Titans. May secretly contacts Duvall, asking to go home in exchange for her cooperation.

In 2014, two days before Godzilla’s emergence, Cate was in a relationship with fellow teacher Dani. On G-Day, feeling guilt over having cheated on Dani, Cate chooses to leave her behind to escort a bus of children across the Golden Gate Bridge. Many of the children are killed when Godzilla destroys the bridge during his clash with the military.

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