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Episode 415 – Big Deals, Big Monsters, and a Bigger Reacher

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The Infamous Podcast
The Infamous Podcast
Episode 415 - Big Deals, Big Monsters, and a Bigger Reacher

Welcome Back Oscar Finlay!

This week on the podcast, Brian and Darryl are talking about a potential merger between WBD and Paramount+, Monarch episode 7, and Reacher season 2 episode 4.

Episode Index

Intro: 0:07
WBD/Paramount+: 8:00
Monarch: 20:11
Reacher: 35:52

News Bite

Warner Bros. Discovery in talks to merge with Paramount Global

Monarch: Legacy of Monsters (AppleTV)

Out of 5 Holy Crap That’s Dominique Tippers
Darryl: 3.65/5
Brian: 4.11/5

Episode 7
Title: “Will the Real May Please Stand Up?”
Directed by: Hiromi Kamata
Written by: Mariko Tamaki
Aired: December 22, 2023
In 2015, May is kidnapped at the airport in Tindouf, Algeria by her former employer, Applied Experimental Technologies, who gives her the choice of spying on Monarch or being prosecuted. Cate accosts Tim when he arrives at the airport and asks him to help locate May. Tim, Cate, and Kentaro find May’s family in Tacoma, Washington, and learn about her past from her sister, Lyra. They trigger a false Titan alert to rescue May from AET, but she chooses not to spy on Monarch and stay behind. Verdugo is convinced by Cate to secure May’s release in exchange for help understanding Shaw’s plans, and by Tim to take Monarch public as an explanation for the alert. After reaching an agreement with Monarch, AET rebrands to Apex Cybernetics. Shaw and Duvall take over the Alaskan Monarch outpost and detonate a rift to the Hollow Earth to seal it.

In 2012, May – then known as Corah Mateo – was recruited by AET. Dissatisfied with the secrecy around her work, she hacks into AET’s systems and discovers that they are a front for Monarch’s cybernetic animal experimentation. She destroys AET’s research and flees to Japan.

Reacher (Prime Video)

Out of 5 Everyone is getting Thrown out of Helicopters
Darryl: 3.81/5
Brian: 4.45/5

Episode 4
Title: “A Night at the Symphony”
Directed by: Omar Madha
Written by: Cait Duffy
Aired: December 22, 2023
As the crew investigates their discoveries from New Age, they disagree on Swan’s motives after he is revealed to be working in the company’s security department. The team finds out that New Age has a government defense contract called Little Wing, thanks to notes from a senator. Meanwhile, back in Denver, AM kills a plastic surgeon in an attempt to steal his identity before flying to New York. The team tracks the senator to Boston, where Dixon helps Oscar Finlay arrest the senator’s aide to coerce information out of him. The aide reveals to Reacher and O’Donnell that Little Wing is a missile program designed to enable terrorist attacks, and is being held at their facilities in Denver and New York. Later that night, the team is ambushed by a biker gang, but manages to kill them. Reacher then phones Langston, who attempts to bribe him into going away, but Reacher refuses and proclaims that he wants to throw him out of a helicopter.

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