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Episode 416 – Rebel Booooooo (Moon), an Infamous Review

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The Infamous Podcast
The Infamous Podcast
Episode 416 - Rebel Booooooo (Moon), an Infamous Review

Charlie Hunnam Thought He Was Back in Belfast With The Sons

This week on the podcast, Brian and Darryl review the new Netflix Original Rebel Moon Part 1, Talk about Monarch Episode 8, and Reacher Season 2 Episode 5!

Episode Index

Intro: 0:07
Rebel Moon: 7:05
Monarch: 25:28
Reacher: 40:16

Rebel Moon (Netflix)

Out of 10 Massively Disjointed Disappointments
Darryl: 4/10
Brian: 3.85/10


When a peaceful settlement on the edge of a distant moon finds itself threatened by the armies of a tyrannical ruling force, Kora (Sofia Boutella), a mysterious stranger living among the villagers, becomes their best hope for survival. Tasked with finding trained fighters who will unite with her in making an impossible stand against the Mother World, Kora assembles a small band of warriors – outsiders, insurgents, peasants and orphans of war from different worlds who share a common need for redemption and revenge. As the shadow of an entire Realm bears down on the unlikeliest of moons, a battle over the fate of a galaxy is waged, and in the process, a new army of heroes is formed.

Directed by
Zack Snyder

Screenplay by
Zack Snyder
Kurt Johnstad
Shay Hatten

Story by
Zack Snyder

Produced by
Deborah Snyder
Eric Newman
Zack Snyder
Wesley Coller

Sofia Boutella
Djimon Hounsou
Ed Skrein
Michiel Huisman
Doona Bae
Ray Fisher
Charlie Hunnam
Anthony Hopkins

Zack Snyder

Edited by
Dody Dorn

Music by
Tom Holkenborg

Production Companies
The Stone Quarry
Grand Electric

Distributed by

Release dates
December 15, 2023 (United States)
December 21, 2023 (Netflix)

Running Time
134 minutes

$166 million (shared with The Scargiver)

Monarch: Legacy of Monsters (AppleTV)

Out of 5 Cate Has Gone to Meet Her Grandmas
Darryl: 3.75/5
Brian: 3.99/5

Episode 8
Title: “Birthright”
Directed by: Hiromi Kamata
Written by: Al Leston
Aired: December 29, 2023
In 2015, Shaw and Duvall return to the Kazakh power plant where Miura was killed in 1959, now enclosed in a containment facility. Cate, Kentaro, May, and Tim infer that Shaw is trying to rectify the past. Verdugo sends them after Shaw with a small team. Inside, Shaw and Duvall confront the team. Speaking with Cate alone, Shaw explains that he intends to help Godzilla maintain order by separating the Hollow Earth from the surface world. As Shaw primes explosive charges around a portal to the Hollow Earth inside the pit, an adult Endoswarmer emerges. May, Cate, Shaw, and the Endoswarmer fall back into the portal shortly before its destruction.

In 1955, Monarch’s new head Lt. Hatch questions Shaw, Miura, and Randa’s evidence of the Titans’ existence. Randa assaults Hatch while defending Miura from a racist remark. With Monarch’s existence under jeopardy, Shaw convinces Miura and Randa to compile their research. Randa realizes that the Titans evade detection through the Hollow Earth. While sharing his findings with Miura, he learns that she is a widow raising Hiroshi alone. Randa offers to adopt Hiroshi. As a last resort, Shaw reveals Godzilla’s survival while presenting Miura and Randa’s findings to Puckett.

Reacher (Prime Video)

Out of 5 I Thought This Was a High Speed Chases
Darryl: 4.11/5
Brian: 4.49/5

Episode 5
Title: “Burial”
Directed by: Carol Banker
Written by: Scott Sullivan
Aired: December 29, 2023
Neagley and Dixon pay a visit to New Age’s facility in Denver attempting to see the missiles, only to find that they have already been taken away in a truck. One of AM’s henchmen stages the breakdown of another truck on the first truck’s route and kills its driver. He opens the truck’s trailer, revealing three other henchmen and the missiles. Neagley and Dixon who have been chasing the first truck come upon the scene, just after the henchmen have switched the trailers. The henchmen try to kill Neagley and Dixon. The first henchman drives off with the missiles before Neagley and Dixon kill the other three. In the paperwork Neagley and Dixon received from the New Age’s Denver facility manager, they learn that Swan had allowed the missiles to leave New Age. Meanwhile, Reacher and O’Donnell visit Washington D.C. and make a trip to Homeland Security for information on AM. Senator Lavoy catches up with Reacher and offers his assistance in stopping a possible terrorist attack. The team members then head back to New York for Franz’s funeral. Reacher runs into and confronts Russo, who reveals that Langston and the New Age security department, minus Swan, are former NYPD detectives who took early retirement after being investigated. During the funeral, two hitmen try to kill the team members. One of the hitmen is killed; Reacher and Russo chase and catch the other. He reveals that Swan paid him to kill the members of the team; when he goes to an abandoned building to collect his payment, the building explodes.

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