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Episode 417 – #CertifiedInfamous: Best TV Shows of 2023

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The Infamous Podcast
The Infamous Podcast
Episode 417 - #CertifiedInfamous: Best TV Shows of 2023

You’re The Best Around (TV Edition)

This week on the podcast, Brian and Darryl share the #CertifiedInfamous TV shows of 2023, after they review the penultimate episode of Monarch: Legacy of Monsters and Episode 6 of Reacher Season 2.

Episode Index

Intro: 0:07
Monarch: 1:59
Reacher: 23:46
#CertifiedInfamous TV Shows: 37:26

Monarch: Legacy of Monsters (AppleTV)

Out of 5 Keiko The Braves
Darryl: 3.88/5
Brian: 4.01/5

Episode 9
Title: “Axis Mundi”
Directed by: Andy Goddard
Written by: Matt Fraction
Aired: January 5, 2024
In 2015, Monarch extracts Kentaro and Tim from the Kazakh power plant. Verdugo informs a despondent Kentaro of Cate, May, and Shaw’s losses. His mother, Emiko, inspires him to continue searching. When Hiroshi returns to his office, Kentaro confronts him. Meanwhile, Shaw and May awaken in a Hollow Earth forest and search for Cate. Elsewhere, Cate is attacked by a Bramble Boar but is rescued by an unaged Keiko.

In 1962, Shaw volunteers to lead Operation Hourglass, an expedition into the Hollow Earth. Suzuki’s Titan lure is used to induce a partial Titan emergence and stabilize a rift. During the launch, the rift abruptly destabilizes and closes. Puckett informs Randa that Monarch’s funding has been cut due to the loss of life from Operation Hourglass. Meanwhile, Shaw’s stranded team is killed by an Ion Dragon while he is sucked back through the rift.

In 1982, Shaw awakens in a Monarch medical facility. Holding a nurse—Emiko—hostage and demanding to see Randa, Shaw is met by an adult Hiroshi. Hiroshi informs him that Randa has died and that Monarch intends to abandon their mission in favor of leaving the Titans undisturbed. Shaw is placed under house arrest.

Reacher (Prime Video)

Out of 5 Brutal Stealth Kills
Darryl: 4.49/5
Brian: 4.88/5

Episode 6
Title: “New York’s Finest”
Directed by: Carol Banker
Written by: Cait Duffy & Michael J. Gutierrez
Aired: January 5, 2024
Following the building explosion, Russo gives the team a lead regarding the location of Marlo Burns. After the team track her down, she confirms that Swan has been trying to stop New Age’s terrorist operation. She also reveals that she has been on the run thanks to Langston, who warned her that she and her daughter would be killed if she associated herself with Swan. Russo learns that his boss was contacted by New Age and is involved with their plans, having been bribed into revealing information regarding Reacher and the team. When Russo and Burns’ daughter Jane attempt to go into hiding, they are tracked by New Age hitmen attempting to kill them while pursuing them in a high speed chase across the city, forcing Russo to call the team for backup. The team enlists Burns as bait to lure Langston and other members of New Age into a trap, which results in Reacher killing all of them minus Langston, who escapes. Afterwards, Neagley, Dixon, and O’Donnell arrive to assist Russo. They rescue Jane, but Russo has died having sacrificed himself to kill the hitmen.

#CertifiedInfamous TV Shows of 2023


Reacher Season 2 (Amazon)
Picard Season 3 (Paramount)
Ted Lasso Season 3 (AppleTV)
One Piece Season 1 (Netflix)
My Hero Academia Season 6, Part2 (Hulu)

Honorable Mentions
Blue Eye Samurai (Netflix)
Beckham (Netflix)
Monarch: Legacy of Monsters (AppleTV)


Succession (MAX)
Reacher (Amazon)
The Bear (FX/Hulu)
Gen V (Amazon)
Ted Lasso (AppleTV)

Honorable Mentions
Monarch: Legacy of Monsters (AppleTV)
Based on a True Story (Peacock)
Justified: City Primeval (FX/Hulu)

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