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Episode 424 – Feudal Japan Was Lit!

The Infamous Podcast
The Infamous Podcast
Episode 424 - Feudal Japan Was Lit!

Did you Know FX Dubbed Shogun So You can Look at Your Phone AND Watch the Show?

This week on the podcast, Brian and Darryl discuss the new FX Mini-Series Shogun (and why mini-series are important to the TV and streaming landscape).

Episode Index

Intro: 0:07
The Art of the Mini-Series: 8:04
Shogun: 31:36

The Art of the Mini-Series:

The 25 best TV miniseries of all time

Shogun (FX)

Out of 10 Seppuku is Not the Way to Gos
Darryl: 8/10
Brian: 7/10


Shogun is a historical fiction novel set in feudal Japan. It tells the story of John Blackthorne, a risk-taking English sailor shipwrecked in Japan. Thrust into a completely alien culture, Blackthorne clashes with the ambitious Lord Toranaga, a powerful daimyo with his own political rivals to contend with. Caught in the middle is Lady Mariko, a skilled samurai woman with a tarnished family history. All three must navigate a web of intrigue, loyalty, and cultural differences to find their place in this tumultuous world.

Main Cast:

– Hiroyuki Sanada (Lord Yoshii Toranaga): A powerful and cunning lord, Toranaga is locked in a political battle for dominance. You might recognize Sanada from his roles in “John Wick: Chapter 4” and “The Last Samurai.”
– Cosmo Jarvis (John Blackthorne): A resourceful English sailor who shipwrecked in Japan. Blackthorne struggles to adapt to the strict Japanese way of life. Jarvis has starred in films like “Persuasion.”
– Anna Sawai (Toda Mariko): A strong-willed samurai woman caught between her duty to her family and her attraction to Blackthorne. Sawai is a rising star in Japanese cinema.

Supporting Cast:

– Tadanobu Asano (Kashigi Yabushige): A rival lord and antagonist to Toranaga. Asano is a veteran Japanese actor known for his work in the “Thor” franchise.
– Takehiro Hira (Ishido Kazunari): A skilled swordsman and ally of Toranaga.
– Tokuma Nishioka (Toda Hiromatsu): Mariko’s father, caught in the political turmoil.
– Other notable cast members include Nestor Carbonell, Tommy Bastow, Shinnosuke Abe, Yoriko Dōguchi, Yuki Kura, and Hiroto Kanai.


– Executive Producers: Justin Marks, Rachel Kondo, Michaela Clavell, Edward L. McDonnell, Michael De Luca, Andrew Macdonald, and Allon Reich.
– Creator: Justin Marks based on the novel by James Clavell.


Episode 1
Title: Anjin
Directed by: Jonathan van Tulleken
Written by: Rachel Kondo & Justin Marks
Date Aired: February 27, 2024
Summary: In 1600, a lone Dutch trading ship, Erasmus, arrives on the coast of Japan with a starving crew. John Blackthorne, the ship’s English navigator, is taken prisoner by samurai warriors. The episode introduces the political landscape with five regents vying for power and the religious tensions between the Catholic Church and the Protestant Blackthorne. Blackthorne is brought to Osaka Castle, where he meets Lord Toranaga and Lady Toda Mariko.

Episode 2
Title: Servants of Two Masters
Directed by: Jonathan van Tulleken
Written by: Rachel Kondo & Justin Marks
Date Aired: February 27, 2024
Summary: The episode delves deeper into the power struggle. We learn about Toranaga’s precarious position among the regents and the secret ambitions of the Portuguese. Blackthorne becomes a pawn in the game as Toranaga uses him to sow discord among his rivals. Blackthorne also encounters the Jesuit priest Domingo who reveals the Catholic agenda in Japan. Blackthorne is saved from execution by Yabushige and provides Toranaga with intel about the Portuguese and Spanish plans for Japan. The episode ends with an assassination attempt on Toranaga, highlighting the dangers he faces.

Episode 3
Title: Tomorrow is Tomorrow
Directed by: Charlotte Brändström
Written by: Shannon Goss
Date Aired: March 5, 2024
Summary: Toranaga outsmarts Ishido by sending his wife in disguise with Blackthorne. The episode showcases the political maneuvering and the lengths Toranaga goes to in his quest for power. Blackthorne’s quick thinking saves the caravan from Ishido’s forces. Toranaga deals with the Portuguese to escape Osaka and secure passage on their Black Ship. The episode ends with Blackthorne joining Toranaga on the ship, marking a turning point in their relationship.

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