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Episode 425 – Have You Ever Seen What a Cannonball Can Do to a Samurai

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The Infamous Podcast
The Infamous Podcast
Episode 425 - Have You Ever Seen What a Cannonball Can Do to a Samurai

Blackthorne Was Teaching All Sorts of Things This Week

This week on the podcast, Brian and Darryl are talking about Beau DeMayo and woke on woke crime, Teen Titans Live-Action nonsense, Invincible season 2 part 2 and who is the biggest victim, and an “explosive” episode of Shogun.

Episode Index

Intro: 0:07
Beau DeMayo: 3:44
Teen Titans: 15:49
Invincible: 24:37
Shogun: 37:10

News Bites

Marvel Shocker: ‘X-Men ’97’ Creator Beau DeMayo Fired Weeks Before Premiere
‘Teen Titans’ Live-Action Movie a Go at DC Studios

Invincible (Amason)

Out of 5 It’s Not So Much an Amber Problem as Much as She’s Got to be the Victim Problems
Darryl: 3.7/5
Brian: 3.8/5

Season 2 Episode 5: This Must Come as a Shock

Directed by: Haylee Herrick
Written by: Helen Leigh
Date Aired: March 14, 2024
In “This Must Come as a Shock,” we see the aftermath of the Viltrumite attack. Mark stays on Thraxa for two months, helping to rebuild the cities before returning to Earth with his brother Nolan.

At the Global Defense Agency (GDA), things are far from normal. Donald confronts Cecil about his body, only to discover Cecil’s brain has been placed within a robotic endoskeleton after his death. The Guardians’ world is rocked again when they discover a Martian ship heading straight for Earth. This prompts Shapesmith to reveal his true identity as a Martian and warn of a coming invasion by the squid-like Sequids.

Faced with this new threat, Cecil pulls out all the stops. He recruits Mark and Eve, who recommits to heroism with encouragement from Rex. Meanwhile, Rex, Dupli-Kate, and Shrinking Rae find themselves in a deadly confrontation with the Lizard League. The League attempts to hold the world hostage with stolen nuclear missiles, and the fight ends in tragedy. Both Kate and Rae are killed, and Rex is captured by King Lizard after losing a hand in the battle.

Back at the GDA, the situation is grim. The Guardians are drastically outnumbered by the invading Sequids and on the verge of defeat. But just as hope seems lost, a shocking revelation emerges. Allen, who was previously injured, has somehow recovered and now possesses Viltrumite-level strength. Thanks to Thaedus turning off his life support, Allen reveals himself as a Viltrumite rebel. He approaches Mark with a critical mission: to join the Coalition of planets fighting against the Viltrumite Empire.

Shogun (FX)

Out of 5 What Happened to Those Horses
Darryl: 4/5
Brian: 4.25/5

Chapter Four: The Eightfold Fence

Directed by: Frederick E.O. Toye
Written by: Nigel Williams & Emily Yoshida
Date Aired: March 12, 2024
Blackthorne arrives in Ajiro with Toranaga’s galley. Toranaga inspects Yabushige’s army before leaving for Edo. Blackthorne learns his crew is now in Edo and the Erasmus ship belongs to Toranaga. He’s offered a home, a salary, and a woman named Usami Fuji as his companion in exchange for training Yabushige’s army for six months.

Meanwhile, Yabushige’s nephew suggests they take the captured cannons from the Erasmus and offer them to Ishido in Toranaga’s absence.

During training, Blackthorne teaches the samurai how to use cannons more effectively.

An aide from Ishido arrives, asking Yabushige to return to Osaka and pledge loyalty to the remaining regents. Fearing for his life, Yabushige invites the aide to stay the night. At dinner, Blackthorne gives Fuji a gun as a gift, and she gives him her father’s swords.

The next day, during a demonstration of the cannons, Nagakado disobeys orders and uses chain shot to kill Jozen and his men, much to Yabushige’s horror.

Note: This episode is dedicated to Larry Beckett, a crew member who served as a cannon expert and technical advisor for the show.

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