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Episode 432 – Mutant Mayhem: X-Men ’97 Season 1 (Review)

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The Infamous Podcast
The Infamous Podcast
Episode 432 - Mutant Mayhem: X-Men '97 Season 1 (Review)

The Phoenix Force and Other Drama

This week on the Podcast, Brian and Darryl are back after an unexpected hiatus due to Brian’s Achilles Tendon surgery, and they are reviewing the second half of X-Men ’97 season 1!

Episode Index

Intro: 0:07
X-Men ’97: 4:02

X-Men ’97 (Disney+)

Out 10 Are Charles and Magnus an Items
Darryl: 9/10
Brian: 8.5/10

Season Summary
X-Men ’97 begins with Cyclops uncovering a new anti-mutant technology, leading to a reunion with an old foe and the addition of a new team member. Magneto, now leading the X-Men due to Charles Xavier’s last will, faces trial for his past crimes, while anti-mutant rioters test his resolve. As the team confronts a visitor with a dangerous secret, Jubilee is transported into a 16-bit video game, reliving the X-Men’s greatest adventures. The season continues with Genosha preparing to join the UN, leading to political intrigue and media scrutiny for the X-Men. Storm faces her worst fears in a two-part storyline involving her relationship with Forge. Cyclops targets Bolivar Trask but discovers a deeper manipulation at play. The season culminates in a three-part epic where the X-Men must unite against a formidable new threat, challenging their unity and the dream of peaceful mutant-human coexistence

Episode 6: “Lifedeath (Part 2)”

Directed by: Chase Conley
Written by: Beau DeMayo
Release Date: April 17, 2024
During a war between the Shi’ar and Kree empires, Shi’ar empress Lilandra Neramani announces her engagement to a now-healed Xavier. Refusing to accept her sister marrying a Terran, Deathbird invokes the Rite of M’Dashaa and challenges Xavier to purge all his memories of Earth to prove his loyalty to the Shi’ar. Xavier’s refusal to renounce his memories of the X-Men results in a battle between the Shi’ar Imperial Guard and Deathbird’s supporters until Xavier pulls everyone into the astral plane to educate them on co-existence. When this lesson is interrupted by a psychic vision of Gambit’s death, Xavier returns to Earth. At the ranch, Forge uses his mother’s spell book to expel the demon and then Storm helps him search for a rare cactus that cures the poison. Storm finds the cactus in a cave but is again cornered by the Adversary. Overcoming her fears, Storm regains her powers and defeats the Adversary. Storm heals Forge, and then they learn about the attack on Genosha. Elsewhere, Trask is confronted by Mister Sinister who warns that Genosha was just the beginning.

Episode 7: “Bright Eyes”

Directed by: Emi Yonemura
Written by: Beau DeMayo
Release Date: April 24, 2024
As the X-Men hold a funeral for Gambit, Rogue angrily searches for Gyrich and Trask. After gaining information from General Thunderbolt Ross and Captain America, Rogue finds Gyrich in Mexico and absorbs his memories. Gyrich is murdered later that night. While assisting in the recovery efforts at Genosha, the X-Men are contacted by a terrified Trask who tells them that he is in Madripoor. They get Rogue on the way. Roberto and Jubilee visit Roberto’s mother and tell her that he is a mutant; she asks him to keep his identity a secret. In Madripoor, the X-Men learn that Sinister and the UN’s secret “OZT” division have been developing a highly advanced Sentinel program. Rogue drops Trask to his death, unknowingly activating programming that turns him into a human–Sentinel hybrid. Cable arrives, defeats Trask with an EMP, and explains that Sinister is working with a greater threat that they must stop. This threat, who murdered Gyrich, is Bastion. He reveals to Sinister that Xavier is alive in space and that Magneto, presumed dead in the Genosha attack, is also alive and is Bastion’s prisoner.

Episode 8: “Tolerance is Extinction (Part 1)”

Directed by: Jake Castorena
Written by: Beau DeMayo
Release Date: May 1, 2024
Part 1 : The UN reveals to the world that Xavier is alive, inciting an anti-mutant protest outside the school. Cable explains to the X-Men that the Genosha massacre is an “absolute point” in time that cannot be changed, and Bastion will use it to start a 300-year war that will lead to the enslavement of mutants in a human utopia. Cyclops, Jean, and Cable travel to Harmony, Pennsylvania, where they learn that Bastion is a human–machine hybrid who was conceived after his father was infected with part of the advanced, time-traveling Sentinel Nimrod. Members of “Operation: Zero Tolerance” (OZT) express concern over the massacre and ask Dr. Cooper to monitor Bastion, who explains to her how he is turning humans into Prime Sentinels like Trask using Sinister’s techno-organic virus. Prime Sentinels activate around the globe, attack mutants, and burn down Xavier’s school. A horrified Cooper releases Magneto, who creates a world-wide blackout that kills thousands of people and shuts down all of the Prime Sentinels. Wolverine fears that Magneto has declared war as Xavier returns and summons the X-Men.

Episode 9: “Tolerance is Extinction (Part 2)”

Directed by: Chase Conley
Written by: Beau DeMayo
Release Date: May 8, 2024
Part 2 : Xavier is met with some distrust, but the X-Men focus on stopping Bastion and convincing Magneto to reverse his blackout. Magneto re-establishes his mutant haven on Asteroid M, choosing to leave the Earth without power and rejecting Xavier’s dream of mutant/human co-existence. He invites the X-Men to join him, which Rogue and Roberto do. The rest of the X-Men return to their former base on Muir Island to regroup, before splitting into two teams: Cyclops’s Blue Team goes to Asteroid M to confront Magneto while Storm and Jean’s Gold Team heads to Bastion’s hideout in the Galápagos Islands. Beast and Forge create a collar that can block Bastion’s technopathy and sever his control over the Sentinels. The Gold Team battles an army of Bastion-controlled Sentinels and Sinister, who takes control of Cable’s mind and uses him to overpower Jean; she sends a desperate psychic message to Cyclops. On Asteroid M, Xavier attempts to take control of Magneto’s mind but is blocked. Wolverine stabs and seriously injures Magneto who begins ripping the adamantium metal from Wolverine’s skeleton.

Episode 10: “Tolerance is Extinction (Part 3)”

Directed by: Emi Yonemura
Written by: Beau DeMayo
Release Date: May 15, 2024
Part 3 : With Wolverine critically injured, Xavier takes control of Magneto and restores power to Earth, fracturing Magneto’s mind. Jean—connecting to the cosmic power of the Phoenix—places the collar on Bastion, restoring the Prime Sentinels’ humanity, and reverses Sinister’s mutant augmentations which frees Cable. The X-Men fight to prevent Bastion from crashing Asteroid M into Earth and causing a new extinction event. Still, it plummets after the U.S. government launches missiles at the asteroid hoping to destroy it. With Xavier’s help, Magneto regains consciousness and sends the asteroid into space. It explodes and most of the X-Men are presumed dead. Six months later, Bishop arrives and tells Forge that the X-Men are trapped in time: Cyclops and Jean are in 3960 A.D., a desolate future where they encounter Mother Askani and a young Nathan; and Rogue, Nightcrawler, Beast, Xavier, and Magneto are in Ancient Egypt in 3000 B.C. where they meet En Sabah Nur, a young version of Apocalypse. In a mid-credits scene, Apocalypse finds one of Gambit’s playing cards in present-day Genosha.

X-Men ’97 is executive produced by Brad Winderbaum, Kevin Feige, Louis D’Esposito, Victoria Alonso, and Beau DeMayo. The series features music by the Newton Brothers.

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