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The Infamous Podcast – Pilot Episode

The Infamous Podcast
The Infamous Podcast - Pilot Episode

Pilot Episode

podcastWelcome to the Pilot episode of the Infamous Podcast. The Infamous Podcast is Brian Williams and Brian Tudor, this is a show about pop culture and all things geeky and how the world of comic books relate to the overall footprint of the pop culture world.

In this very first episodes the Brians talk about Ant-Man, Chew, Superman, movies they are looking forward to seeing and comic books they grew up reading.

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The Rundown:

In this episode we talked about this killer Ultraman Trailer, Cyborg #1 (buy it from ComiXology or your Local Comic Book Shop) and much much more!

The Infamous Podcast can be found wherever podcasts are found on the Interwebs, here’s where to go:



The intro and outro music is Pomade by Silent Partner. The Infamous Podcast is produced and edited by Brian Tudor.


The Infamous Podcast

The Infamous Podcast, hosted by Brian Tudor & Darryl Jasper, is your favorite podcast about all the things worth geeking out over! They are talking about Comic Books, Movies, TV Shows, and Movies and TV Shows about Comic Books. Be #CertifiedInfamous and give us a listen!

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