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The Martian Phones Home – Episode 12

The Infamous Podcast
The Martian Phones Home - Episode 12

Matt The Martian… hey there smart guy

This week the fellas review the Martian, talk about The Flash, Arrow and more TV, and they go through the giant list of comic books they both got this week. Spoiler they each got over 15 books this week, it seems like very publisher decided to drop a ton of new issues this week.

Here is a clip from the Ares: Live YouTube Channel

Back in a Flash

Celebrate Flash Day with us and Central City

Comics This Week

Aliens/Vampirella #2
All-New All Different Point One #1
Avengers #0
Bloodshot Reborn #7
Contest of Champions #1
Copperhead #10
Darth Vader #10
Green Lantern #45
Imperium #9
Paper Girls #1
Plutona #2
Saints #1
Secret Wars #6
Sherlock Holmes 7% Solutions #3
Southern Bastards #11
Star Wars #10
Star Wars Lando #5
Star Wars Shattered Empire #2
Survivors Club #1
Toil & Trouble #2
We Stand On Guard #4
Batman & Robin Eternal #1
The Goon Once Upon a Hard Time #4
Star Wars #10
Star Wars Lando #5
Star Wars Shattered Empire #2
Darth Vader #10
Jughead #1
We Stand on Guard #4
Paper Girls #1
Green Lantern #45
Green Arrow Annual #1
Green Arrow #45
Contest of Champions #1
Invincible Iron Man #1
Amazing Spider-man #1

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The music in this episodes is Pomade by Silent Partner. The Infamous Podcast is Johnny Pottorf and Brian Tudor, and is produced and edited by Brian Tudor.


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