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Episode 428 – Fists and Bombs are Flying

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The Infamous Podcast
The Infamous Podcast
Episode 428 - Fists and Bombs are Flying

If You Ever Wondered What Connor McGregor Was Really Like…

This week on the podcast, Brian and Darryl are reviewing the Amazon Prime Original Road House, Episodes 5 & 6 of Shogun, and Apple’s Masters of the Air.

Episode Index

Intro: 0:07
Road House: 8:21
Shogun: 28:39
Masters of the Air: 47:40

Road House (Amazon Prime, 2024)

Out of 10 I Really Missed All the Throats Being Ripped Outs
Darry: 4/10
Brian: 5.5/10

The 2024 remake of the classic 1989 film “Road House” follows Dalton (Jake Gyllenhaal), a former UFC fighter who takes a job as a bouncer at a roadhouse in the Florida Keys. However, Dalton soon discovers that the paradise-like setting hides a more sinister underbelly, as a group of criminals led by the ruthless Ben Brandt (Billy Magnussen) and his enforcer Knox (Conor McGregor) attempt to take over the bar and the surrounding land. Dalton must use his fighting skills and wits to protect the roadhouse and its staff, including Ellie (Daniela Melchior) and Frankie (Jessica Williams).

Cast & Crew

Doug Liman

Jake Gyllenhaal as Dalton
Daniela Melchior as Ellie
Conor McGregor as Knox
Jessica Williams as Frankie
Lukas Gage as Billy
Billy Magnussen as Ben Brandt
Joaquim de Almeida as Sheriff
B.K. Cannon as Laura
Arturo Castro as Moe
Darren Barnet as Sam
Dominique Columbus as Reef
Post Malone as Carter

Production Notes
The 2024 “Road House” is a remake of the 1989 cult classic film starring Patrick Swayze.
Conor McGregor makes his acting debut as the villainous Knox, providing a physical threat to Gyllenhaal’s Dalton.
The film updates the setting from a small town in Missouri to the Florida Keys, giving it a more tropical and modern feel.
While following the basic premise of the original, the 2024 version introduces new characters and a more fleshed-out backstory for Dalton.
Amazon’s MGM Studios produced the film and is an exclusive release on Prime Video starting March 21, 2024.

Shogun (FX)

Episode 5: “Broken to the Fist”

Out of 5 A Dead Husbands Untimely Returns
Darryl: 4.25/5
Brian: 4.25/5

Toranaga returns to Ajiro with his entire army, and upon learning of Nagakado’s killing of Jozen, he strips him of his command of the cannon regiment and gives the position to Omi. Having survived the ordeal in Osaka to escape to Edo, Buntaro moves in to live with Blackthorne and Mariko. Blackthorne is gifted a freshly killed pheasant by Toranaga, which he hangs in the front yard of his house to age and instructs the household not to touch it until it matures. During dinner, Blackthorne and Buntaro engage in a sake-drinking binge before Buntaro proves his archery skills while drunk and forces Mariko to tell Blackthorne about how her father, Akechi Jinsai, murdered Lord Kuroda Nobuhisa, the previous ruler of Japan before the Taikō, and was forced to execute his family before committing seppuku, and that she married Buntaro and was forced to live as atonement for her father’s crime. Later that night, upon learning that Mariko has been assaulted by Buntaro, Blackthorne confronts him outside, but Buntaro lays down his sword and apologizes for disturbing his home. The next day, after a long discussion with Mariko, Blackthorne returns home to discover that Uejiro, the house’s gardener, took down the rotting pheasant to bury and was executed as a result. Blackthorne declines Fuji’s request to kill her for disobeying his order regarding the pheasant and approaches Toranaga with a request to permanently leave Japan. A massive earthquake causes a landslide and Blackthorne rescues Toranaga from being buried alive. Blackthorne returns to a heavily damaged Ajiro and discovers that Fuji had been injured. The following day, Muraji leads Yabushige and Omi to Uejirou’s hut and manages to convince them that he is the spy that they were searching for. In Osaka, the remaining regents debate on who will take Toranaga’s place on the council. Ochiba finally arrives and reunites with Yaechiyo before telling Ishido that the council will now listen to her.

Episode 6: “Ladies of the Willow World”

Out of 5 Crimson Sky has Arriveds
Darryl: 4/5
Brian: 4.15/5

In 1578, Mariko is sent by Jinsai to live at the home of Nobuhisa, where she becomes friends with his daughter – the future Ochiba. One night, Mariko watches as her father’s allies are executed by Nobuhisa while he looks on in a rage. In 1600, at a funeral for those killed by the earthquake, Toranaga promotes Blackthorne to chief admiral and general of his cannon regiment. Toranaga also bestows upon him a fief as a token of gratitude for saving his life. The following morning, Toranaga reprimands Buntaro for assaulting Mariko and orders him to stay away from her for one week. Blackthorne approaches Toranaga again with a request to leave Japan in order to continue warring against the Portuguese, but his request is denied. Sensing tension between Mariko and Blackthorne, Toranaga orders her to take Blackthorne to see a courtesan. That night, Mariko brings Blackthorne to a brothel but she leaves once the courtesan began escorting Blackthorne to her room. Later, Toranaga reveals to Mariko that Jinsai wanted her to continue his work of protecting Japan after his death. At Osaka Castle, the remaining three regents and their families have been taken hostage by Ochiba and Ishido, under the guise of an unspecified plot on Yaechiyo’s life. Hiromatsu manages to escape but was forced to leave Kiri and others behind. At a stage performance by Ito, an influential daimyō, Ochiba recalls being taken in as a consort by the Taikō after Nobuhisa’s death and producing an heir for him. After the play, Ochiba and Ishido offer Ito a position on the council. The council convenes to vote on Ito as regent, however, Sugiyama refuses to confirm him and leaves. Later, Ochiba explains to Ishido that she believes Toranaga plotted her father’s death. When Sugiyama tries to flee Osaka, he and his family are killed by Ishido and his retinue. Arriving in Ajiro, Hiromatsu informs Toranaga of the situation in Osaka. Toranaga’s war council wants to use the Crimson Sky plan, which involves assaulting Osaka Castle and forming a new government in the wake of the attack. Toranaga initially refuses to launch such an assault as he understands that he will most likely become the new Shōgun if the plan succeeds. When news of Sugiyama’s death reaches Ajiro, Toranaga realizes that his impeachment is inevitable and announces that he will invoke the Crimson Sky plan to protect Yaechiyo and limit future bloodshed.

Masters of the Air (Apple)

Out of 10 Real American Heroes
Darryl: 8.5/10
Brian: 8.25/10

“Masters of the Air” is a World War II drama that follows the story of the 100th Bomb Group of the United States Eighth Air Force in 1943. The series depicts the harrowing experiences of these young American airmen as they take on the dangerous task of bombing targets in Nazi Germany, facing constant threats from anti-aircraft fire and enemy fighters. The show explores the emotional toll of combat, portraying the varying fates of these heroes – some were captured, wounded or killed, while others made it home, all paying a heavy price in the fight against Hitler’s Third Reich.

Episode Breakdown
Episode 1 (January 26): In spring 1943, USAAF majors Gale Cleven and John Egan of the 100th Bombardment Group deploy to England to join the allied war effort against Nazi Germany. In June, the 100th, comprising four squadrons of B-17s from RAF base Thorpe Abbotts, is sent on a daytime bombing mission to destroy military targets in Bremen, Germany. Despite the use of the advanced Norden bombsight, the bombardiers are unable to confirm the targets due to heavy cloud cover, and the mission is aborted. The 100th is forced to fly through heavy anti-aircraft fire, and is then attacked by Luftwaffe fighter pilots. The failed mission results in the loss of three B-17s and thirty men, while the 100th commanding officer, Colonel Harold Huglin, is relieved of command due to illness.

Episode 2 (January 26): The 100th copes with its first combat losses. At a pub, RAF members challenge the American tactic of daytime raids; feeling disrespected, Lieutenant (Lt.) Curtis Biddick defeats a British pilot in a bare-knuckle boxing match. When Major Marvin Bowman is incapacitated by illness, Major Cleven is tasked with leading the 100th on their second mission: bombing German U-boat pens in Norway. Lt. Harry Crosby, despite airsickness, successfully navigates the mission. Lt. Biddick’s B-17 is damaged; the other planes reduce airspeed to stay with Biddick’s, which makes a controlled landing without power in Scotland.

Episode 3 (February 2): In August 1943, the 100th participates in the Schweinfurt–Regensburg mission to destroy aircraft manufacturing plants deep within Germany before traveling to North Africa. Lt. Biddick and his co-pilot are killed during an emergency landing in a forest. Sergeant Quinn parachutes to safety after his B-17 is destroyed; he lands in Belgium and is met by resistance members from an escape line. Major Egan and Cleven arrive in Africa along with the surviving members of the 100th.

Episode 4 (February 9): In October 1943, fresh B-17 crews, including Lt. Robert Rosenthal, arrive. The 100th bombs Bremen once again. Feeling the effects of combat exhaustion, Major Egan is sent on leave to London, where he has a one-night stand with a Polish war widow. Learning that Major Cleven did not return from Bremen, Egan returns to duty early. Meanwhile, Sgt. Quinn is guided by Belgian resistance smugglers. He also meets two other American airmen, including Bob, who is killed after being exposed as a German infiltrator. Quinn and the others arrive via train to German occupied Paris on the way to Spain.

Episodes 5 (February 16): The 100th returns from the Bremen mission after taking heavy casualties. Lt. Crosby replaces Captain Payne as the lead navigator and is promoted. Major Egan leads another bombing raid to Münster just days after the Bremen mission. The mission ends disastrously for the 100th after they are intercepted by swarms of fighters. All but one B-17, piloted by Lt. Rosenthal, are shot down. Having bailed from his doomed plane, Major Egan parachutes alone into the German countryside of Westphalia.

Episode 6 (February 23): Major Egan is taken prisoner and almost dies after he and other downed pilots are attacked by enraged German civilians in Rüsselsheim after a bombing. He is taken to Dulag Luft for interrogation before being transferred to Stalag Luft III. There, he meets other comrades from the 100th, including Cleven. Lt. Rosenthal and his crew are sent to a country estate for relaxation and counseling, which Rosenthal resists. Captain Crosby attends a conference at the University of Oxford where he meets a British ATS officer whom he bonds with before she is unexpectedly called away.

Episode 7 (March 1): In March 1944, the 100th loses fifteen B-17s and one-hundred-fifty men during a mission over Berlin. Their next attack proves more successful when the bombers are guarded by P-51 Mustang fighter squadrons. They are upset to learn that the number of missions required for a crew to be discharged is being increased to twenty-eight. Captain Rosenthal completes his twenty-fifth mission, but decides to reenlist. He learns General Doolittle is planning to use the B-17 crews as bait to draw the Luftwaffe into the sky to face the P-51s; Rosenthal is placed in command of the 350th. Captain Crosby begins an affair with ATS officer Wesgate. Sgt. Quinn returns to base and is exempted from further missions due to his knowledge of the escape lines. In Stalag Luft III, Major Cleven and other prisoners of war build a crystal radio to tune into the BBC news. A large group of British prisoners escape; Cleven, Egan and the other American officers are threatened that the camp will be turned over to the SS and Gestapo if there are further escape attempts.

Episode 8 (March 8 ) : In June 1944, Captain Crosby conducts operational planning for two hundred bombing missions against Wehrmacht positions in France in preparation for Operation Overlord. Working for three straight days, he passes out and sleeps through D-Day. There is virtually no resistance from the Luftwaffe. During Operation Dragoon, the Tuskegee Airmen of the 99th Fighter Squadron are downed attacking German positions at the Côte d’Azur; 2nd lieutenants Richard Macon, Robert Daniels, and Alexander Jefferson are transferred to Stalag Luft III, now under control of the SS. They are invited by Cleven to join with preparations for a potential breakout, now that the Red Army is approaching.

Episode 9 (March 15): In February 1945, Major Rosenthal’s plane is shot down over Berlin; he parachutes into no man’s land and is rescued by the Red Army. The Germans evacuate Stalag Luft III, forcing the prisoners to march in freezing conditions; they are taken via train to Nuremberg before being interned at Stalag XIII. When they are again forced to march, Majors Cleven and Egan try to escape, but only Cleven succeeds. Cleven survives an attack by Volkssturm children before encountering U.S. Army units. Egan and the other prisoners are taken to Stalag VII and are liberated soon after. In Poznań, Major Rosenthal enters Fort VII and witnesses the horror of The Holocaust. Majors Cleven, Egan, Rosenthal and Crosby reunite at Thorpe Abbotts; they participate in Operations Manna and Chowhound to supply food to the Dutch population stricken by Hongerwinter. After the German surrender, the 100th departs for home. The series ends with a montage explaining the future lives of its central characters.

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