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The Age of Comics… It’s Good to be a Geek – Episode 9

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The Infamous Podcast
The Age of Comics… It’s Good to be a Geek - Episode 9


geek-zoneWith So Many Great Comics It is Awesome to Be a Geek!

This week the Brians talk about how great it is to be geek in 2015, because of all the great content available specifically for us. They also talk comic books, movies and more!

What Comics Did You Pick Up This Week?

The Paybacks #1
Robin Son of Batman #4
Green Lantern the Lost Army #4
Invincible #123
Star Wars #9
Lando #4
Voltron From the Ashes #1
Tokyo Ghost #1
Captain America: White #1
Sex Criminals #12

This Week’s Main Topic

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Descender vs. Drifter – Two #CertifiedInfamous Comics!
Descender: Written by Jeff Lemire;  Art by Dustin Nguyen
Drifter: Written by Ivan Brandon; Art by Nic Klein

 Movie Talk

Ex Machina – 2015 (92% on Rotten Tomatoes – Fresh)
Director:  Alex GarlandWriter:  Alex Garland

Stars:  Alicia VikanderDomhnall GleesonOscar Isaac


Unbreakable – 2000 (68% Rotten Tomatoes – Fresh)
Director:  M. Night Shyamalan
Writer:  M. Night Shyamalan
Stars:Bruce WillisSamuel L. JacksonRobin Wright

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The music in this episodes is Pomade by Silent Partner. The Infamous Podcast is Brain Williams and Brian Tudor, and is produced and edited by Brian Tudor.


The Infamous Podcast

The Infamous Podcast, hosted by Brian Tudor & Darryl Jasper, is your favorite podcast about all the things worth geeking out over! They are talking about Comic Books, Movies, TV Shows, and Movies and TV Shows about Comic Books. Be #CertifiedInfamous and give us a listen!

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