Cover Up 8 Jack Kirby – Cincinnati Comic Expo Recap – Episode 114

Cosmic New Gods Make Great Characters This week Johnny and Brian are finally talking about the Jack Kirby covers for this episode of Cover UP. (just a couple of weeks after what would have been his 100th birthday)! BUT FIRST, they share their highs and lows from the 2017 Cincinnati Comic Expo! 2017 Cincinnati Comic […]

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Star Trek: Enterprise / Cincinnati Comic Expo Recap – Episode 63

To Boldly Go Back to the Beginning This week Johnny and Brian are closing out Star Trek series month, as the look back at how it got started with Star Trek Enterprise. They are also joined by the KidBot07 to talk about the 2016 Cincinnati Comic Expo, including interviews with artists Todd Nauck and Joe […]

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Waiting in Line and How to Do it Right – Episode 36

Dragons, Arrows to the Face and Celebrity Pictures! On this week’s episode, Johnny and Brian talk about the latest happenings on the Walking Dead, and break down the differences between the comic book and the show. Then not to be left out Game of Thrones 6th Season premiere is just weeks away (April 24th) so […]

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Bonus Episode – Cincinnati Comic Expo Recap

Host Brian Tudor and his special guest talk about the 2015 Cincinnati Comic Expo mixed in with interviews and a little help from Torchwood’s Eve Myles!